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St Mark's Church 1890, Peterborough

St Mark's Church 1890, Peterborough

St Mark's Church 1890, Peterborough Ref: 24447

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Milton Ferry Bridgge Outside Castor, Not at Peterborough!

Milton Ferry Bridge 1919, Peterborough
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We scattered some of my father's ashes here in March 2013. He was Arthur Benjamin Wyldbore, b 1921. His family was from Castor and Ailsworth and though he was born in London in 1921, he spent a lot of time with his grandparents and aunts and uncles in Castor and Peterborough. They were Wyldbores, Parkers, Carters, Browns. Milton Ferry Bridge is still a very lovely place, over the River Nene.


I was brought up in Peterborough went John Mansfield school from 1962 till 1966

Brook St(peterborough City College)

I remember spending many days in Stanley recreation ground in the 1960's. Brook St College (next to the rec) is soon celebrating its 70th anniversary and we are looking for memories of college days from old students. Can anyone help please? Frances Louis - an old Peterborian.

Fenland Farming Around Peterborough

On reading the book 'PETERBOROUGH A Miscellany' a couple of items are incorrect by my own knowledge and experience. Page 4 : 'Dockey' was a word almost exclusive to fen farmworkers, it was the break taken at 1000 to 1030 hrs, it generally consisted of a 'thumb bit' this was a chunk of bread with a hole made in it to contain butter, meat or cheese which was eaten with a sharp knife (lambsfoot make preferred), the piece of bread taken out to make the hole was used as a thumb bit to keep the part to be eaten clean. There were no facilities for hand washing other than the dykes. The work hours on fen farms in those days was 0700 start, 1000 to 1030 dockey, 1300 to 1310 'onesies', this was ten minutes to finish off your flask of tea, or more often the bottle of cold sweet tea that many preferred. Finish at 1615 Mon to Thur, and 1600 on a Friday, a 47 hour week, for which a... Read more

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