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Rickarton memories

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Times Long Gone

My memories of Rickarton go back to wonderful times spent with my great aunt and uncle at Roadside Cottage in Rickarton. Uncle Willie was the postie and aunt Bella managed the chickens and the bees. I remember walking to Murgie (A farm) to collect milk and tickling trout in the river. My family mostly come from Stonehaven (Carron Terrace) family name Clark. We are now spread all over the globe and I have not been down the Slug Road for 30 years but have such happy memories

Memories of Kincardineshire

Bridge of Muchalls School

My name in 1950, was Joan Wood. We lived in Newtonhill but went to Bridge of Muchalls School. It was a lovely little school. We were taught by Miss Betty and Miss Mary Geddes. Every year we had a concert - Alladin was one. The 'little girls' were always fairies and the 'little boys' were elves. Then the older ones were characters from whatever we did. Each year we had a bus trip to Montrose of Arbroath (and the sun always shone). And each Christmas we had a party. We made all the decorations out of coloured gummed paper. In the summer we had a lady who came to give us PT.


My sister and I lived at the other side of the Muchalls crossroads on the road to Cookney, a little way from the village. There we had an idylic childhood of sorts (though we were far from well-off). We had the freedom of the countryside that we would roam most of the summer days on our bikes and a whole wood to ourselves to walk and explore. Then on one night it all changed. We both witnessed being beneath a strange silent circular flying machine of unknown origin that hovered over our heads for a short while. On subsequent evenings similar machines (in two's and three's) would move over the landscape seemingly looking for something or observing the people. They would hover over most of the farms and houses for a few minutes each on a daily basis for years on end. This we would watch in fascination and almost had to pinch ourselves to make sure we weren't dreaming it up. It was some form of survey, but... Read more


I was evacuated to Drumlithie in September 1939 - being from Glasgow - and Germany was threatening war. I had just turned six years old. I lived in Ford Cottage - close to Kabog House - with Jim and Liz Scott. Went to school there. A Miss Adams - and a Miss McCallum I think I've lived in California for over 50 years now - but still have a 'thing' about Drumlithie. Have looked and looked on Google but can't find a trace of either the Ford or Kabog. I remember passing a tennis court going from School to the Ford. Just one, I think. Then under a railway bridge after that, there was a quarry on my right hand side - lots of swallows in there. Mr, Knowles had the Grocery van that attended to the outlying houses. There was also a butcher's van - but I forget the man's name. I was sweet on a girl by the name of Sheila Collie (Cawley)? The Ford was... Read more


My paternal grandparents were one of the first families from Aberdeen to have a holiday home, called Mecca, in Newtonhill pre World War 1. I have a photo of my father in a wounded soldier's uniform sitting at a loaded table in Mecca after his discharge from hospital. The uniform, he told me, was a blue suit, a white shirt and a red tie. Alex Fraser, a well known local artist and etcher (one time Principal of Gray's School of Art), was a relative of our family and had a studio in Newtonhill which I recall visiting as a child. Newtonhill was a favourite holiday place for our family and I remember very well buying ginger beer and sugar mice from Mr Milton's bakery with our Saturday pennies. Geordie Taylor's was the grocer's shop where we got paraffin for the oil lamps and we carried the accumulator to, I think, Reid's garage, on the main Aberdeen - Stonehaven road, for a recharge so the more senior members of the family... Read more


I believe my mother worked at Balgranach, Betty Robb, does anybody have any memories of her?

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