Memories of Rochdale

Rochdale Technical School

My grandparents were teachers at the school from 1895-1909. John Frederick Wiilkinson and his wife Lydie Wilkinson, who was French. He taught Maths and she taught French and German. I am told all records of the school were destroyed. I am trying to find any photos of them with pupils and staff of the school, any ...Read full memory

A memory of Rochdale by Carolyn Dee

Park Follies

Although I lived in London I spent much of the summer holidays with my Auntie Mabel and Uncle Bill in Greenhill Avenue, Rochdale. I was 12 then and spent a lot of the time on Lenny Barn with the local children. The rest of the time I remember was at a nearby park which I suppose was Falinge Park where I watched the Park ...Read full memory

A memory of Rochdale by Roger Windsor

Cronkeyshaw Junior School

I'm writing about my memories of Cronkeyshaw School. It was situated to the north of Rochdale Town Centre in the corner of a large open common grassland area, Cronkeyshaw Common, opposite Falinge Park. After school each day I'd run across this common to my home in Derwent Street. The headmaster was a tall ...Read full memory

A memory of Rochdale by Norman Foulds

Cutgate Cutgate Baptist Church/Edenfield Road

My initial impression of this particular print; which is typical of the 1960's and which is now a very busy road, is that it is a reverse image of Cutgate looking up Edenfield Road, with Cutgate Baptist Church being shown on the right hand side whereas it should be on the left. The area of bushes just below the Church is now occupied by Cutgate Shopping Precinct. Does anyone agree?

A memory of Rochdale by Brian Clegg

A Rochdale Childhood

My first memory of Rochdale town hall was seeing the King and Queen on the balcony in 1937 when they were on their coronation tour. Another visitor seen there was Gracie Fields. During my childhood, (1930-1945) I remember seeing the Pace Egging play in the Town Hall, a fascinating and traditional event. Later I ...Read full memory

A memory of Rochdale by Edith Unsworth

Norden, Rochdale The Sixties.

I was born at 60 Moss Row, Norden Rochdale on the 10th February 1954. Moss Row was a terrace of 41 houses following on from Clapgate Road. They were privately owned by a Mrs Milne. Moss Row was demolished for a never to happen by-pass of Norden village, this was a great waste of houses and separated lots of people ...Read full memory

Norden Riviera

Yes it was a sort of luxury to have the outdoor pool at Norden, people would descend upon the Riviera every weekend. For me though it was short lived as we moved to Norden in 61 and it closed in 63. I think the Tannery owned the land and the lease ran out. The Tannery later used the changing rooms etc., for storage of hides. I ...Read full memory

Murder In Rochdale 1960s

I was working at John Brights Fieldhouse Mills from 1959 - 1964. To begin with I worked in Canvas No 5 0ffice. The office manager was Rupert Parrington, and some time in 1960/61 he employed a new clerk by the name of Marilyn ? About 6 weeks after starting work she failed to,turn up,for work on Monday morning.That same ...Read full memory

A memory of Rochdale

Spotland Bridge

My parents ran the newsagents at 276 Spotland Road from1952 to1964. At that time there was a row of three shops, ours in the middle flanked on one side by Leslie Cheethams chemist shop (now demolished) and Alan Heyworths greengrocers on the other side. Meanwood Fold was to the rear.

A memory of Rochdale by marina.matters

Gracie Fields

I remember seeing Gracie open the COOP clothes shop on Lord st. In the 60s. She sang too.

A memory of Rochdale

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