Rochford, Stambridge Mill c.1955

Rochford, Stambridge Mill c.1955

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Memories of Rochford

Kings Head Folk Clubs

Two Clubs ran at The Kings Head - they were called Folkus & Folk Blues and Beyond. Later they moved to the Horse and Groom. Such guest singers were Sam Mitchell and John Martin. The room at the Kings Head was upstairs ...Read full memory

A memory of Rochford by Peter Monk

Stambridge Mill

It was me, David Gale, that saved Samantha Clarke from drowning in 1967. I remember your father gave me 10, which to me was an absolute fortune back in those days.

A memory of Rochford by David Gale


The early Rochford church next to Rochford Hall was our highlight.  Continue to guard your priceless community.

A memory of Rochford by John Rochford

Stambridge Mill And Rochford Beach

When I was a kid about of about 10 we used to swim from the sluice at the mill. It was great for swimming as the current was strong at the gates. Also the beach was more popular, we used these sites till ...Read full memory

A memory of Rochford by Mark Wilson
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The Mill stood to the south of Rochford on the tidal estuary of the River Roach. Many mills existed along the tidal arms of the sea fingering into Essex which provided easy transport by water. It was originally a water mill, and was owned by Rankins the Millers when it burned down in April 1965.

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