Memories of Rugeley

Happy Days

I remeber rugeley I was born view terrace.moved to birch lane when I was 4 a brand new house number 22.started raven hill school then went to nursery fields when it was first built.oh happy in yorkshire now

A memory of Rugeley by vonvonb

Bolton House Song

The secret love between Mr G and Miss W.

A memory of Rugeley by Heather Hillier


I'm doing research on Rugeley. I'm wondering does anyone have memories of Green Lane Farm? It was sold in 1960. I recently read that you could walk across the fields to Etching Hill from Green Lane. Rugeley has changed so much in recent years. Even the last of our fields are disappearing. It would be such a pity if all our memories ...Read full memory

A memory of Rugeley by Carol Arnall

Jack Hills Toy Shop

1958 (ish) - Mum always started paying into the xmas club in February every year for me and my brother Paul. My fondest memory was the toy electric train in the window, when you put your hand over a pad on the window the electric train would work - how magic was that every xmas as a young boy ......brill !

A memory of Rugeley by David Richards

St Michael's Road, Brereton

We lived at no 1 Police House, just off to the right of this photo and then in no 3, the wall of which can be seen on the right - this was the police station - a house with a small office attached. I went to the Church School for a while which was just opposite the new parade of shops (which included a Grocutts ...Read full memory

A memory of Rugeley by Sharon Hall

Growing Up On St Michaels Estate, Brereton

I would love to hear from anyone who lived on St Michaels in the 50's and 60's. We lived on the big green at 45. We had a large horse chestnut in the garden, which has gone now. Deakins keps the grocers shop around the corner, Sharrats (?) the butchers and there was a newsagents, can't remember the ...Read full memory

A memory of Rugeley by Gill Jenkins

Trying To Find More About Parish House In Rugeley

Can you please help me? I'm trying to find any photos or info about the Parish House in Rugeley town.

A memory of Rugeley by Neil Parton

Harpers Tailors And Outfitters

I understand that my great uncle John Henry Harper had a tailors and outfitters business at 17 Lower Brook st in 1901 until unknown date. Does anyone have any knowledge of this business or what business operated from this address since then. Woul love to hear. Rosemary Holden (nee Harper)

A memory of Rugeley by Rosemary Holden

Jackhills Toyshop

I have great memories of Jackhills toyshop on the Horsefair in the seventies. I used to love going in there and it was the first stop to spend birthday or Christmas money, (usually some Sindy clothes or once - some roller skates!) I always remember looking longingly at the bikes and prams they had parked up in the covered entrance - I never had one of those though!

A memory of Rugeley by Vicky Witton


As a school boy I clearly remember having my hair cut at Heatherly’s barber shop, situated at the top of Upper Brook Street. The shop was run by two old guys (brothers I think) one was named Tom, not sure about the other. A fascinating little shop with a tiny counter at the front of the shop where they sold tobacco products & fishing tackle.

A memory of Rugeley by David Knapper

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