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Old Salford, Regent Road

I was born in Old Ordsall Lane, Salford in 1957. What I can remember was good. Then I moved to Regent Road what a road that was - lots of shops and good pubs selling good beer. You could have a good time back in 1960 or so. Salford was good place to live, and still is but without any good pubs thanks to the council. I think Salford now is like a yuppy town, I remember the chippy called Bamfords. What a good chippy that was!

Written by Anthony Brennan. To send Anthony Brennan a private message, click here.

A memory of Salford in Lancashire shared on Sunday, 5th October 2008.

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RE: Old Salford, Regent Road

I remember Regent Road, I was born in 1958 in Bigland Street, next to the pub called The Greyhound. My name was Bracken in those days, my sister was Barbara, my dad Herbert and my mum Anne. I recollect the church on the corner of Oldfield Road/Regent Road, St Bartholomew's, Boots chemists and the police box that you could call the police from. The reservoir at the end where Oldfield Road met Ordsall Lane. I also lived on Derby Street where my parents had a newsagents and when I was old enough I used to sell the Football Pink on Saturdays at the local pubs including the Little Derby and the Big Derby. I remember Smiths toy shop - I got my first pair of roller skates there, I remember Llandes and George Glass - I got my first bra there. Salford happy times, the people were the salt of the earth. My Uncle Albert was the coalman. We used to get scratchins free from the chippy on Derby Street, I think they were called McCabes.

Comment from Jackie Hodgin on Monday, 27th July 2009.

RE: Old Salford, Regent Road

I was born in 1948 , we lived in Darley St off Tatton St. My dad was a coal man called Joe, my mam had a grocers shop on the corner of Derby St and Tatton St. Me and my sister went to Ordsall Sec, we used to go Peel Park with bottle water and jam butties - spend all day there. I used to love Xmas when my mam, dad, all our relatives would come back from pub carrying a crate of ale all singing in the street. Me and my sister would serve in my dad's coal yard, I had to carry a bag on my back many a time for a tanner. My gran and grandad, Paddy and Ethel Short lived in West Dixon St. When I was very young my gran used to wear a shawl and clogs. I remember Koky Nolan, battle on Regent Rd - made his own Easter eggs - lovely.

Comment from Hilda Broom on Sunday, 27th October 2013.

RE: Old Salford, Regent Road

I was born in 1937 and lived most of my young years in West Dixon St, off Regent Road. I went to Mount Carmels along with Maureen Graham, Pat Cloran, Margaret Cuddy, Marlene Wall and Veronica Hunter. I remember all those shops on Regent Road and the great Cross Lane market. My gran lived in Regent Square and I spent a lot of time there. Does anyone remember Miss Grey from Mounts and Mr Jolly, headmaster in the Junior school? Win Earith/Pollitt

Comment from Win Earith on Friday, 26th April 2013.

RE: Old Salford, Regent Road

I was born just off Oldfield Road in the late 40's. Does anyone remember Koki Nolan? Or the cattle being run through the streets to the abbatoir? We had to run for it if the cows were comin .. Like a lot of lads I ended up going off to sea; sailing out of Salford docks. Great pubs like The Clowes, The Trafford, The Ship and many more.. ha ha, I could tell a few stories but I don't think they would print em on here! The Dock Road was the best place in the world in the 60's. Granada should make a movie about it .. What a great idea?

Comment from Michael Notelin on Sunday, 10th March 2013.

RE: Old Salford, Regent Road

Hi,, I'm Jean Crook nee Ramsbottom . I lived in Lynton Street, Ordsall.

Comment from Jean Crook on Friday, 30th March 2012.

RE: Old Salford, Regent Road

My gran lived in the first house on the right as you came into Derby Street from Regent Road, she was more or less opposte Regent Road Baths, most of which were in Derby Street. I used to go down in the 1950s and 60s for holidays, Salford was a different world from the small Scottish town where I lived. Her name was Annie Daniels, back in the 1950s she had a chip shop on Regent Road. Oh happy days.

Comment from Ian Mcdonald on Wednesday, 15th February 2012.

RE: Old Salford, Regent Road

Hi , can anybody help ?
I'm looking for any info on my great grandparents who lived in the area late 1800s early 1900s . Charles George / Mary Elizabeth George/Pickup (maiden)who's address were according to census records 27 derby street /tatton street and also Parsonage street . Also Mary ran or worked in a pub called Church inn or Whetstone inn also possibly a Butchers .Charles was a painter or paper hanger ?
They moved from Ardwick and ended up in Broughton so were well travelled in Salford !!
Their son William ended up in Swinton and my Father Worsley .
Any info greatly welcome

Comment from Tim George on Thursday, 24th November 2011.

RE: Old Salford, Regent Road

Yes my memories are also from a bygone age. I was born and lived in West Park Street, opposite the 'landing' as it was called then, the landing was merely an elevated row of terraced houses accessed by steps. Behind the landing was a very famous street called Gertrude Street, housing two rows of terrace houses, equally elevated and famous because it was painted by Harold Riley and sketched by many of his students from Ordsall Sec. At one end of this landing was a 'croft' as we used to call it, a piece of land once having a demolished property on it this being at the bottom of Derby Street. Opposite to this was a grocers shop called "Fielding’s", then opposite to that on the next corner of Rock Street and West Park Street was "Bowling’s” the green grocers. Memories: - Of going to school in the damp winters, pea souper’s with a scarf over your face to keep away breathing in the "smog" - Playing kick can down the entries, Bonfire Nights in the "square" which was really a triangular open space between rows of terraced houses. - Burgan’s iced cream cart which was a horse-driven iced cart. - Lizzy Fiddler’s off license - On occasions going to Lizzy’s with a jug to collect beer for my dad. - Making pitch bombs with lolly pop sticks, during the summer nights wrapping the tar that had bubbled up from between the cobble stones in the road. - Roger’s chippy on Ordsall Lane. Memories

Comment from Philip Wynne-Daniels on Sunday, 11th September 2011.

RE: Old Salford, Regent Road

Hi, and St Barts was oppea good 2 hear from u i lived at 22 tatton st in the 60s i loved it we dident have a lot not 2 what we have now wos the shop still on the corner when u were there and magggie claton toffe shop round the corner and the cole yard there wos a pub on the corner 2 my dad used 2 go in the derby my head wos misss crey and one year i wos may queen for whit walks i had a record player that held 10 records and me and my friend would sit at nite an play them we would sit on the step imageg that now i went back not long ago just 2 have a look v wouldent think any body had lived like we did my nana and friends lived i gertrud sr t leaf valley they called it did u ever go 2 the cad on regent rd over burtons i went every nite just loved dancing not 2 good at it now bad knees ha any way take care x

Comment from Maria Ashton on Thursday, 28th July 2011.

RE: Old Salford, Regent Road

I was born 1961 and lived in Tatton Street once at number 20 and then moved to my Gran's house, no 1, the big house on the corner of Tatton Street and Oldfield Road that used to be a pub years before called the Rock Inn. I went to Mount Carmel's Infants and Juniors, and then on to the Sacred Heart on Oldfield Road 1972 -1977. I used to go to the baths on Regent Road nearly every night after school, it was real fun with all our friends...the shops I remember when I was a kid were: Butterworths on Derby Street where they had the penny tray and Don's Chip Shop, the old swap shop, Joan's the veg shop and Bracken's the newsagents. I used to love going to look at the toys in Smith's window and Woolworth's too. I used to love the Whit Walks with everyone getting dressed up and having a whole day of fun...Lovely days :)

Comment from Andrea Parker on Wednesday, 27th July 2011.

RE: Old Salford, Regent Road

Hi, I'm looking for school friends from Mount Carmels, Oldfield Road, we're having a reunion on 26th August 2011 at Lower Kersal's club, please if you know any of these people get in touch: Alan Edwards, Stanley Cole, John Rowntree, Jimmy Woods, Alan Edwards, Pauline Darcy, Sheila Wilding, Sandra Bowers and many more. I lived in Tatton Street and went to the Cad over Burtons, what great nights we had, not a lot of money but good friends. Then there was the clobe where everyone met at the end of a Saturday night, we'd go on a pub crawl from Cross Lane right down Regent Road, then on Saturday afternoon we'd go on Salford market and do a bit of shopping and on a Friday after work we'd go rto Regent Road wash baths because we didn't have a bath, ha. Can you see us doing that now? So please, anyone from Mounts please try and go, if you go on Mounts and St Joseph Reunion all the phone numbers are there for tickets x.

Comment from Maria Ashton on Sunday, 17th July 2011.

RE: Old Salford, Regent Road

Hi Paul, yes Salford was so good. I was born in Cambridge Place. Never forget the old time of my 54 years, wow I am 54 on Sunday. Seems only yesterday..wish it was the same now. Yes, Bamford was a good chippy. None about now, nor corner shops... Anyway Paul, hope you get this message, and I hope to hear from you. ONLY ONE SALFORD . Good times had by all. I am proud to say I am from Salford.

Comment from Anthony Brennan on Saturday, 4th June 2011.

RE: Old Salford, Regent Road

Antony, did you live on Regent Road flats on Everard House? And Paul, I remember you, I used to baby sit for you and Elain, we had some good times, there there was always some kind of thing to do lol. I love my life there, I miss all the friends we had. I do see some of them now but we are not as close as we used to be. There was always someone there to help. Paul, here is a memory that you will probably remember - the fire in our flat. Everybody was out and we couldn't find our dad and everyone wanted us to go to a woman's house but we wouldn't until we found him, but we did, safe and well. It was a shame we had that fire because we had to move, we didn't want to becuase we all loved Regent Road. Antony, I remember a Brennen family who lived in the flats and our Howard used to hang about with one of them, I think that they only had one child but I'm not sure.

Comment from Joanne Clarke /cavanagh on Sunday, 7th November 2010.

RE: Old Salford, Regent Road

Antony, did you live on Regent rRoad flats on Everard House? And Paul, I remember you, I used to baby sit for you and Elain. We had some good times, there there was always some kind of thing to do lol.

Comment from Joanne Clarke /cavanagh on Sunday, 7th November 2010.

RE: Old Salford, Regent Road

I was born at 25 Rock Street, Ordsall 5 in 1947. I also agree that Bamfords Chippy was the best. The steak & kidney puddings were home made by Stan Banford, the owner, and were great.

Comment from Paul Foster on Sunday, 31st October 2010.

RE: Old Salford, Regent Road

Do you remember Micheal Grannell from Cambrige Place?

Comment from Harry Grannell on Wednesday, 5th February 2014.


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