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Memories of Norfolk

The Cherry Tree Pub Plumstead

My Grandad was Alfred Faulkes who was the last landlord of the Cherry Tree pub before it closed, with his wife Rose. Does anybody have pics of Alfred? I do have one of him standing outside the pub. To hear any memories of the pub would be lovely, I'm Brian's (the youngest son) daughter. Thank you.

Fringwood Farm

I lived and worked for Lord Walpole at Fringwood Farm from 1951 to 1952 and I am lookiny for anyone who worked there at that time who remembers the Turvey family and any photos would be appreciated.

Childhood Years From 1948-58

I first saw Barningham Hall from the back of a removals van as we pulled into the yard along side, it looked enormous then, I was 3yrs old, my father,(later known as Mac by every one) was to become Major Mott-radcliffs( later to become Sir Charles) chauffer/handyman and mum was going to help in the kitchens, the first few years we lived in the small cottage in the yard then later moved into the flat above garage and stable where we could often hear the horses stamping around in the night. The gardens were huge and I often played in them with my sister when the "Motts" were away, The kitchen garden was superb with all sorts of fruit and veg that we could pick and eat, many times I hid amongst the fruit trees with my best friend Jimmy and watched as the head gardener Jack Fuller went by but didnt see us, in one of the greenhouses there  were really nice grapes where we would hide on cold... Read more

The Second McKays

We have just read Anthony McKays memories of Barningham Hall. After they left my husbands family, also McKays, how about that for coincidence, moved in also as driver to Sir Charles. My husband Terry was nine at the time and lived there until he was fifteen.
His memories are exactley the same, and we have photographs of all the Mot Radcliffe family.
We called in to see Lady Mott Ratcliffe about ten years ago and she very kindly took us on a tour of the hall and gardens and it was exactly as my husband remembered.
Earlier this year we called again, she had retired to a cottage in the village at the age of ninety, and in residence now is the eldest daughters son, she also was extremely nice and reminisced with my husband.
He also says it was a wonderful childhood there, but I still cant get over the fact that consectutive drivers were called McKay.

More Childhood Memories

I was born in the cottage in the courtyard, the youngest of three. My brother, Tony, sister Sheila, who now lives not too far away from Matlask, and have some wonderful memories of the Hall. Summer days seemed endless, building houses out of the hay bales in the fields, playing on the old tree stumps down by the pond, opening the gate for the delivery man from Rusts and getting a 'wagon wheel' as a treat. They were enormous. As my brother mentioned, we used to go on the 'shoot'. I was to young to 'beat' so I rode with Dad in the jeep pulling the game cart, I always remember the sandwiches, smelly egg, wrapped in greaseproof paper that my Mum made,and a Penguin biscuit, lovely!!!
Being the younger ones, I remember my brother playing Robin Hood, down in 'the forest' and sending Sheila and I out across the fields to look for the bad men while he sat up a tree, watching us, while we traipsed all over... Read more

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