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The Broadway c1960, Sheerness

The Broadway c1960, Sheerness

The Broadway c1960, Sheerness Ref: S528037

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I Was There!

Esplanade And Beach c1955, Sheerness
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I was/am the lad on the right! I discovered this picture a few years back in a superb Frith's book on Kent. Alongside me is my mate Ray. I think the year is more like 1957 or it could the summer of 1956. It was during those lovely days when kids spent whole days out of the house and generally unsupervised. Ray and I and other gang members spent loads of time up on the seafront and beach at a time when Sheerness was a most popular seaside location - especially for Londoners. When not on the beach you could find us in the fair - our mini Alton Towers! It seemed that the seafront was only half the height it is today, serious floods in the 1950s and again in the 1970s caused the seafront to be built up as a massive flood defence.

We also played forever on the canal bank (nearer to our homes) and honed our football skills. In those days summers were always... Read more

Kiddies' Store

High Street c1955, Sheerness
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In 1953, I moved here at the age of 2 with my parents from London's Old Kent Road. We rented the large flat directly above Kiddie's Store (seen on the left of this picture of the High Street). My father worked at a local bakery. I remember the police coming one day after there'd been a big burglary into Kiddie's Store, the thieves having got through from the skylight at the back of our flat. Another day I remember the Catholic priest coming to call on my mother to see why we hadn't been to mass for a few weeks. We hid behind the door and pretended we weren't at home but he'd seen us at the window from the street. We were all there the following Sunday. Early in 1955 we moved to Egerton.

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