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Happy Days

The Farriers Arms c1955, Shilbottle
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This photo is very special to me as it has my late grandad on it. I myself grew up in Shilbottle and have many memories of the pub. I used to have sleepovers there with two girls whose parents ran the pub in the 60's/70's. It was only one small bar then and later on they pulled the old outbuildings down and stables to make way for the lounge and car park. Previous landlords kept horses in the stable so the car park was a small paddock which had a horse in. Mam would quite often get home to find the horse had chewed her washing over the fence, as our house was at the back of the pub. Dad still lives there and has done since 1958. I still go up there to visit and the Farriers never they say.

Happy Times

The Farriers Arms c1955, Shilbottle
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I was born the day my parents moved to Sshilbottle. We lived at 16 Farne View but this was later changed to 16 St James Road. Nearly everyone's dad worked at the pit. Shilbottle seemed to be split in two - we had our own Church of England School, the headteacher was Mrs Vera Maclean. The pub, the Farriers Arms where my dad spent many happy weekends. There was the church, then a small green wooden shop which sold most things, a chip shop and further on a post office. That road took you to what we called the 'bottom' of Shilbottle, they had their own primary school and Mr Maclean who once taught with his wife went there as their headteacher - he was known as 'Mac' and was a well known painter. The Co-op shop was at the bottom end too. We all new every family by name. We loved it when Slaters fun fair came every year. Also a lone scottish piper would walk... Read more

We Had Some Great Times at "The Farriers".

The Farriers Arms c1955, Shilbottle
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I met my wife, Berny, here in March 1977, so it holds very special memories for us.
The Farriers Arms lounge would have quite regular discos at the time and some live music from The Fendermen, who would really pack them in. I played there on one or two occasions myself.

Farn View Estate.

I remember Shilbottle when, as a 5 year old, moved into 42 Farn View. The estate was unfinished and the children who moved in had one whale of a time taking the putty out of the windows every night when the workmen had gone. I still love the smell of putty, it was the 1950s play dough. Also the beautiful snowdrops which grew on the side of the road above the church made a beautiful posy for my mum. The little cottage on the corner opposite the shop had glorious gooseberries, just ready for little hands to squeeze through the chainlink fence and oh the taste still lingers. My 4 brothers and I lived there until 1965/66. We went to the school and were taught by Mr.McClean. I remember Miss McDonald who I think was my first teacher.

Northumberland memories

The Great North Road

The Hotspur Gate c1950, Alnwick
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How great was the Great North Road when it squeezed through these ancient gates until the early 1970s? Traffic built up on both sides waiting to get through. For a child this was the spot that marked where our holidays began, as it would only be another 15 miles or so to the cottage on the coast. It felt as if we were driving through a tunnel, like stepping through the cupboard in the Narnia Books ...

Birdcage Club

The Gatehouse c1955, Alnwick
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Hi Pete, we still have, in our family, a much loved painting of Dunstanburgh Castle which we bought from you for 7 pounds one night in the Birdcage ! You won't remember me but I married David from the Nags Head! Found this site when looking for paintings by you. Missed one at auction recently. The Dunstanburgh one has always been treasured. Happy days !!! Sue

Alnwick, Cars Circa 1955

Vauxhall DX 1948, Alnwick
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The above picture was from 1948, I can tell this by the types of cars here, especially the light coloured one half hidden in the background, which actually is the most modern for this year.

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