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Perthshire memories

My First Fond Memory

I would like to say my first memories of Waterloo was we lived in one of my grandmother's houses, it was called as I remember The Big White House. It was a very large house, I think it actually had 2 houses as we lived in the bottom house and my auntie and uncle lived in the top house, anyway there was plenty of space to play in as it had quite a large area of land with it. I lived there with my mother Jane, dad John (Jeck ) Stewart and my sister Catriona (Pansy) and my sister Martha (Biggy) and me Jane (Peppy). We loved the wide variety of open space to play and roam about, up the back of the house there was a field and we used to cross the field and go to the woods which was called Gelly Woods, there we would go and play and get tadpoles. Down the road from the house towards Bankfoot there was a big green field where... Read more

Teenage Years

I was born and grew up in Perth, going to Caledonian Road Primary School and then to Perth High School. I lived in South Methven Street until I was about 12 when we moved to Muirton. My teenage years were spent visiting coffee bars (there were loads) with my friends, ice skating a couple of times a week, pictures on a Friday night and dancing in the City Hall. We later went to see pop groups who came to the City Hall. Happy Days. I heard from my sister that the City Hall has been empty and unused for years and was earmarked for demolision. I felt really sad as it was a big part of my life when I was young and has been there years before I was born. Perth, like most places has changed beyond recognition and on our last visit I was depressed to see how rundown it is now.

Winter Sport

The school bell would be rung around the playground. Dinner time. The children taking school lunch would cross to the church hall. My best friend and I would race away up the school brae and further on till we reached 'the quarry' at Corsie Hill. Ice lay thick on the pools beneath the cliffs. Huge icicles dripped from the rocks. It was cold and our breath froze on our faces. We each had bread with something on it to eat and we broke off icicles to suck the freezing water. Then we made slides. Proper long slides. None of your playground rubbish with a queue to get on. Just career down and then run back to the top. Sometimes, career down sitting on a very wet bottom as your feet went from under you. The best fun ever. Strictly non-permitted of course but the school thought we were at my house and the folk there thought... Read more


As a boy i would wander
through fields and in water,
go fishing, make swings
was happy with things:

Would roam with the dog
slip on Algae green log,
smell rain on the grass
polish Grans brass:

Climb dykes, collect conkers
leap Cargills, I was bonkers,
make carties with prams
watch Salmon jump Dams:

I summer pick berries
six weeks in black wellies,
up dreels of soft fruit
to give your mum loot:

In autumn lift Tatties
no chance of being fatties,
with your back bent all day
just want home i would prey:

These days have sped by
where's time gone I sigh!
From Rattray to Blair
a town i recognise nae mare:

Ballintium Farm, Tullymeg, Ballinluig

I went to school at Guay Primary School - 1948. Teacher Miss Coombes. In my class were John Macdonald of Raer Lodge, my brother Iain Stanton of Ballintuim Farm, cousins Helen, Sheila, Muriel Findlay of Ballintuim Cottage. Picked spuds in a freezing October. Ferrcin hans sair back, big snows start in late October. I remember taking wee John Macdonals home every night up the the Raer Lodge. Got ma tomato soup - nae toast. Coming back in the dark following our uphill footsteps through the snow to Ballintuim Farm and seeing the lights doon beside the Tay. Nobody ever knew I was away. Norrie Stanton.


A great little school to be educated in, I remember my first teacher her name was Miss Patterson. There were only about three to a class if you were lucky, with the first four years in one classroom. We used to get taken out in each class to do our verbs, adjectives and nouns. Does anyone remember how these useful lessons have helped them through the years. Class five, six and seven were through the wall and the teacher was then Miss McPherson who stayed in the schoolhouse next to the old school, which is now an antique centre. I can remember not wanting to go into class five because you always heard her shouting which was very frightening when so young, but when I got there it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.The best times were outside playing with the teachers at rounders or football, also we had wooden hula hoops which were a great way to keep your waist in trim - I wish... Read more

Castle in The Carse

I'm so surprised there is nothing written about the castle before it became a prison. It has a history beginning as far back as 1452 when it was built by Lord Grey, who was in the court of King James the Second. It has such stories to tell and I only found the story when I moved here 20 years ago. My interest in the castle before it became held by the government was fueled by the head teacher from Longforgan School, Mr Tosh, who had a great knowledge of the castle and gave me the history. If anybody is interested - they can contact me and I will pass it on. I will try to find photos also as it is a lovely looking building and it has a resident ghost too! The white lady has been seen on occasion.

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