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Greatworth Sports And Social Club

Hi,I was at faf greatworth in 1971/2 , being the only raf police officer active, except sgt woods, ( tea ,coffie treasurer ) . The singlys accomadation was unheard of any where, pikey cpl cook, assisted by mrs ? Lovely person. We were about 20 living in , own bar ,great ! Having gone to brackly drafting in girls from local outlets, woolies etc for social events' great people. Also helping build up the soial clubin the village, still have membership card d.d.01-01-72 , signed by mr a barrett , chairman , president ,mr k wagstaff, hon treasurer and mrs s Mc pherson hon sec. Card No 99 ! Would it still be valid ? .also very fond memory of all the residents of ,yes great , greatworh
One sad point , we lost a young airman due to tragic road accident,sac goodman. We gave him a full military funeral in ashford. Our oc was flt lt brooks, he got court martiald, very sticky affair indeed.... Read more

Memories of A Nurse

I came to work in Sulgrave in the 1980s. I worked for Major George Coombs who lives at Stonecourt on the Hedom Road. My first thoughts of the village were that it was very quiet and that the people were all very friendly. I visited Sulgrave Manor and learnt a lot about the history of the manor. I live and worked in Sulgrave for four years and those I met were all nice people. Christopher Henn used to let us lake the major's wife down to see the horse as before she was ill she would ride a lot, but due to the MS she was in a wheelchair and I and the other nurses could be seen walking her round the village. We used to take afternoon tea in the hotel near the manor. One of the staff who worked at Stonecourt was a lovely lady called Betty, she lived opposite the stocks. I have been back to visit Sulgrave and to visit the grave of Major George Coombs... Read more

Memories of Oxfordshire

RAF Greatworth

I remember arriving at RAF Greatworth in the back of the camps truck/transport in mid 1962, I had been collected from the railway station in Banbury fresh from training at RAF Locking. The RAF camp was a short walk from the village via a back gate that still exsists today as a stile on the corner of Helmdon Road, a much frequented route as next to the gate were the married quarters. In the village were 'The Inn' and a post office shop, one chapel and of course a church, all built of stone. The lovely rural atmosphere pervaded into the military disciplines of the camp, creating a pleasant blend of regulated but `laid back' atitudes, that would have been refered to by our peers as a `holiday camp' and looking back they were right really, but it worked well, as we excelled at our chores so efficiently as to recieve commendations. Most all who served at RAF Greatworth, remember the village, it's people and the RAF camp with affection.... Read more

Fred Batty

Forgot to mention good old fred batty , how could I !. Fred was our chief of the householding, he was almost invisible, fred lived in de singlies block , he kept the block in a state of imaculate condiion. The copperpiping in the baths and toilets , shining like red gold, such a gentleman,never spoke untill spoken spoken to. What ever happend to dear fred ! He was a civvy !

Timms Family

My great-grandfather and his father were agricultural workers in Chipping Warden. I would like to find out about the area and the Timms family.

Chacombe in 1969-1970

My family, the Nylins, lived in the house that had a driveway on an incline and was next door to to small market. I remember (I was 10 years old at the time) there was a small market because we would get our bottled, silver capped milk delivered through a box between the two properties. My dad, Roger, was in the Air Force stationed at Upper Heyford, but my mom, Irene, was a Brit and prefered to live off base instead of on base in "little America" She would say " Rubbish, you dont experience a country if you live on an Air Base" I think folks MIGHT remember us living there because we had a huge Winnebago, new concept for 1969, new to the states and VERY new to the UK. I very much enjoyed my time in Chacombe and miss the lovely little village and countryside.

The Thirties

My grandmother, widowed, lived during the 20s and 30s at 1, High Street (next to The Dolphin), and was glad of family visits to assist in her invalid-style of life.  That usually meant our family, and my mother took a number of 'Busman's Holidays' each year to help her mother, my Gran.   We children became familiar over the years with the village, especially the Upper Middleton part.  My grandfather had been schoolmaster at the Primary School; he was called William George.

Gran's cottage had, like many, a rather decrepit pump in the garden as its water supply (see Nancy Long's History).  A large apple-tree stood in the garden and - of course - a vegetable patch beyond.  Over the low garden wall, in Cotswold stone, lay the Jerrams' farmyard; it was usually quiet, but one day I was to observe the killing of a pig (my parents might have been horrified had they known of my secret observation.)

I lived in S.Wales, where coal was cheaper, and delivered... Read more

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