Taplow, Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital c.1955

Taplow, Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital c.1955

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Memories of Taplow, Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital c1955

Inpatient And Out Patient Over A Number Of Years

I was first admitted with stills disease in 1956 for about six weeks. I was on Ward 4. I remember professor Bywaters and later Dr Barbara Ansell. My daughter was also admitted with stills disease in 1964 and we both attended out patients from time to time for a number of years. Sad to see the deteriorated state of the hospital which always seemed to be kept up so well in the days we attended as patients. The main entrance as I remember was quite imposing and the large reception area had a huge red cross on the floor. Christine Buley nee Wicks.

A memory of Taplow by christinebuley

Rheumatic Fever Patent

What a memory, I was there from 1957 to 59, I remember being in bed for the first year with the school trolley coming every day, learning basket work, and making little red riding hood baskets for the nursing staff. I had a young boy in the bed next to me that had Stills Disease, and a blind girl the other side. I think the the main Dr's name was Thomas, but what a great nursing team. Great memory's. David Overfield davidoverfield1@gmail.com

A memory of Taplow by davidoverfield1

Grass Cutting

I was born here 23rd March 1948 late afternoon. My mum remembers clearly the windows were open and the smell of freshly cut grass wafting in on the breeze. The gardener was cutting the grass. Something I will always remember. Colin Farmer.

A memory of Taplow

1st Time I've Seen The Picture But...

....I was born here in August 1947. The only thing I've known about it was its name, except I thought the word ' Royal' was in there somewhere! Today I received a copy of my Birth Certificate in post from the registry office, 68 yrs and I month later! The only other thing I know, but won't remember is that I had an operation to remove a TB gland as a baby. Don't know if it was done at this hospital or not. My grandmother told me and have scar on neck to prove it. I always wanted to go back to Taplow to see the town and hospital where I was born. My maiden name was Scott. The nearest I got was a boat trip on the Thames on my honeymoon 20 yrs later sailing past Eton/ Windsor?

A memory of Taplow by sambs47

Blast From The Past

Seeing this shot of the hospital brings back wonderful memories. I was born here in 1975. Both my parents worked here: my Father did his PhD in Rheumatoid Arthritis here under Dr L. Glynn. My Godparents, Bob and Diane Rogers, set up the Youth Group here. I feel like I grew up here what with holiday clubs, fireworks displays, Jill the hairdresser, the WRVS shop, the canteen. In those days and in that wonderful community, children of staff were welcome. Happy memories.

A memory of Taplow by shepherdsnest

Rheumatic Fever Patient

I was at The Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital, Taplow in 1954 as I was suffering from rheumatic fever. I was taken there from Ramsgate General Hospital with another girl from Cyprus who also had the same disease. It was a Research Hospital I believe so I remember we had various tests done for research into the disease and I had a special diet for a week consisting of baked beans and salt free bread and butter. We had painting lessons, a visit from the Commissioner of the Girl Guides and there was a show by the Ralph Reader Gang show which was very good. I was not there for very long but we were well looked after there, I was very weak at the time as i had had to lay flat for several months at the other ...Read full memory

A memory of Taplow by sylviaandcolin

Stills Disease Patient

I entered the CRX as a patient in March 1974, ostensibly for 6weeks treatment, but I didn't leave until December 1981. I was under the care of Dr Barbara Ansell and her rheumatology team who specialised in children with arthritis and I grew up in Ward 2 where both boys and girls shared a Nightingale ward until we turned 12 when we were split into single sex wards, ward 3 for the boys/men and ward 4 the girls/women. There were schoolrooms where we studied right up to O-level, and a youth club every Tues and Thurs evenings! We used to ride our bikes along the very long main corridor to the physio department twice a day for treatments and up to the WRVS canteen for their lovely floury ham baps (so much nicer than the ...Read full memory

A memory of Taplow by xxloub

Treated For Rheumatic Fever

Have very fond memories of this hospital being treated for RF and having a lovely tutor I think his name was Mr Rogers. Does anyone remember him. My name was Joan Barnard and I remember all the poor children suffering from Stills Disease. The lovely treatment inspired me to become a nurse training at the Royal Free hospital.

A memory of Taplow by Joan Terrington

Hospital Transport

It is wonderful to see this photo. I was a cadet nurse and then student nurse at The Canadian Red Cross. I am so happy to see a photograph of the front of the hospital. This is where transport used to drop the nurses off - often giggling and ready for duty. Always a healthy respect for Matron. I had quite forgotten this part but have photos of some nurses and patients outside the wards.

A memory of Taplow by Brenda Woodford

I Was Born Here

I was born here in March 1961. My mother spoke very fondly of this hospital and the staff. I have never been to Taplow and hope to visit one day as I live in Australia.

A memory of Taplow by Pauline Pankau

Birth Of My First And Second Child

I had my first child in this hospital in 1968 then in July 1970, my second child was unfortunately a stillbirth at 32 weeks. I was not allowed to see my child and I never had a death certificate... I feel I was treated well with my first child, but felt my second child was brushed aside.

A memory of Taplow by Pamela Davies

Visiting This Hospital In 1953?

I remember my father being in this hospital. He had scepticaemia. I was about 5 or 6 and my mother and grandmother were driven from Windsor to Taplow by a neighbour of my grandmother's. I would wait in the car in the hospital grounds for what seemed like ages whilst my mother visited and then my grandmother visited, separately. So I don't know what it was like inside - but have never forgotten this place and I think the grounds must have been quite large.

A memory of Taplow by Kate Arnold


I have no memory of it but I was born here in 1948! Looks like a fine building. A shame that it was left to decay.

A memory of Taplow by D.R. Bickenson

Doe Anyone Remember?

Does anyone remember my grandma who worked here, she was a Sister called Louise Firman? She helped deliver me.

A memory of Taplow by Dean Smart

I Was Born Here!

I had never seen a picture of this hospital till now, it does look like a beautiful building. I was born here in November 1981. I remember my mum telling me that it was snowing and even some snow falling through gaps in the ceiling. She said it was pulled down not long after that, but when I went to secondary school I remember meeting other students who were born there too. Including a close friend born in July 1982 so I imagine it must of been knocked down in 1982. It seems strange to be born in Taplow when my parents both came from Slough. My great grandma on my mother's side lived in Burnham. My great grandma's maiden name was Hutchins, and I believe they lived in the village for many generations back. One day I will get round to looking back at the family tree.

A memory of Taplow by Zoe Bolwell

1963 And 1965unmarried Mothers

My mum had me in this hospital, as an unmarried mother. Before that she stayed in a home for unmarried mothers in Henley. Does anyone know anything about this home or experience it at this time?

A memory of Taplow

Taplow Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital 1956

I was born in the Taplow Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital in 1956. My mother told me when I was about 11 years old how I got my first name; at that time Wycombe General Hospital, Wycombe Shrubbery, and Amersham General Hospital were fully booked so it was the Taplow Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital that had some spare beds. It was a hot arid summer that year in July 1956, the air was heavy. As the day passed by the weather turned and there was a mighty thunderstorm with thunder and lighting and the heavens opened up. My mother had no idea what to name me so the nurse told my mother that it was 'gale' force winds outside now after a heavy sticky hot day, so why don't you call ...Read full memory

Borne In Taplow

I was born in this hospital on Valentines day 1949. My parents, Dutch, were working for family Blackmore, at Foxly Manor, Maidenhead, Holyport. Unfortunately, I have no memory about this period, as my parents took me back to Holland after about one and a half years. As far as I know, my father went back and finished his job for a few months. I was raised in the north of Holland city of Groningen. I got married in 1972, with my lovely wife Jenny, we have 3 sons, 2 daughters in law and 4 grand children, 1 girl and 3 boy's. The first time I have seen my place of birth was in October 1984, when I made a trip to England together with my father. At that time, the Hospital buildings were still there, allthough in very bad ...Read full memory

A memory of Taplow by Mike Hoveling

Where I Was Born

I was born here in 1953, my oldest daughter was born 1972 & my youngest daughter 1977. Such a lovely hospital, great staff who looked after you well. I saw the photos of the building rotting away - it looked so sad, they left it for years such a shame. It's now a housing estate.... I do have fond memories of the Canadian Red Cross.

A memory of Taplow by Teresa Keywood

Year I Was Born

I was born here in 1957 then had my two sons there. Spooky corridors .....

A memory of Taplow by Cheryl Hemming

Canadian Memorial Hospital

I was born here on 14th January, 1958. The midwife was called Rosemary, which is my second name.

A memory of Taplow by Helen Tucker

I Was Born Here

I was born here in Febuary 1965 I have many a found memory of this hospital as on a rainy Sunday afternoon my father would drive from High Wycombe to Cliveden and show me this hospital, telling me that's where I was born. I'm sorry to here than it's no longer there.

A memory of Taplow by Sharon Hobbs

Name Correction

I have looked up the Matron's name and indeed it was Miss Morris who was the Matron until approx 1960? and Miss Slade was in charge of the Maternity unit around that time.

A memory of Taplow

It Was Great In Its Time; May It Now Rip

I remember this hospital with great affection and gratitude. I was there for nearly 4 years as a student and then staff nurse 1966-1970. It was never ever called 'Royal', its title was The Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital. I lived as a student nurse in the nurses homes, Hitcham House and then Hitchambury House in my final year. The training for nurses was outstanding and stood me in good stead in my next 10 years as a sister in a well known London teaching hospital. It took me some years to value the training I had there and in some areas it was very progressive. I have few photos of the hospital and fellows nurses but those I have I treasure. The children with Still's disease haunt me still ...Read full memory

A memory of Taplow

I Was Born Here In 1968

I don't have any photos, but it would be great to see more. I've only the name of the place on my birth certificate. It would be great to hear from anyone else who was born on 1968? I like the hospital photograph, I'm thinking it would look nice on my living room wall.

A memory of Taplow by Fulvio Waliczek

Pre Student And Nurse

I worked at the Hospital from 1954 to 1958. My first ward was the Rheumatic Fever Unit for children. Prof: Bywater. Chief Rheumatologist. I remember that the visiting hours were Sunday 2.00pm till 400pm. So hard for the little ones. I worked on all Wards 1 to 13. 12 and 13 were for TB patients as 1 and 2 for the Rheumatic Fever. It was a long walk from 1, 2, 3, to 12, 13, if on night duty you were a runner (given two Wards to work), I frequently had this job!! Some said it was 1/4 of a mile from one end to the other. NO RUNNING!! Miss Morris was the Matron, a very charming lady, I visited her at the hospital just before she died around 1961/2. I loved all aspects of nursing and enjoyed Theatre work too. The Sister ...Read full memory

A memory of Taplow by Valerie Kent

Taplow Canadian War Memorial Hospital

I would to hear anyone who was born in this hospital the same time as me in July 6th 1956, and any nurses and doctors etc that got me delivered. Please write to me by post. Mrs Gail J Gray 17, Gunthorpe Road MARLOW, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE SL7-1UH England My mother was called Mrs Diana Pitwell and my father  was called Mr Walter Pitwell.

A memory of Taplow by Gail Mrs Gray

Born And Raised Here

I remember this hospital, being born here. My mother told me it was a lovely summer's day until the day was drawing on and it turned windy and cloudy and a nasty thunderstorm. My mother had not a clue what to call me so the nurse who had delivered me said my mother 'Gail', so that's how I was named. My parents stayed there for a while and moved to High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. My mother fell pregnant again the following year and had my brother born at the Wycombe Shrubbery. It was a shame tht the Taplow Canadian War Memorial Hospital shut down as I wanted my son to be born there. I wished I could have taken a photo of this hosital before they pulled it down and find the nurse who helped me being born.

A memory of Taplow by Gail Mrs Gray

Canadian Red Cross Hospital

I was born here in 1949, then both my children. The first in 1967 and the next in 1971. The maternity unit was around to the left in a seperate building. They were very strict about visiting times etc. The staff were great though. The hospital was also the centre for Childhood Rhumatoid Arthritis. The hospital has been knocked down and replaced with a closed gate housing estate.

A memory of Taplow by Terry Herring

My Local Hospital

This is the hospital that my first child was born in.  The year was 1968 and you had to stay in for approximately 10 days. I was also born in this hospital in 1949. The building was very imposing and the staff were wonderful. The matron was very strict and as soon as she came onto the ward the nurses would be in awe of her.

A memory of Taplow by Monica Peck

Royal Canadian Hospital Taplow

I first knew the hospital when I was admitted there in 1956. It was a beautiful building. I have seen photos online of how it had been left to go to ruin. I have also heard it was going to be demolished for a housing estate. I find it quite sad that a building that has done so much could be just dismissed. I'm sure it could have been put to a worthy cause. When I was in the hospital I do remember one nurse - STAFF NURSE MARSDEN. I look forward to anyone else remembering this place. Sue.

A memory of Taplow by Susan Rumble
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