Memories of Thornley

Good Fun With Pal Danny

I used to visit my pal Danny Parker during the school holidays,his family moved to thornley from rossmere way .Hartlepool when we were in Rossmere junior school I recall the little house 8 Galt street with back yard and low walls.we used the fields near pit were the beck or stream ran through and we found old army ...Read full memory

A memory of Thornley by Peter Forsyth

Faint Remembered Memories

I was born in 70 Thornlaw North in 1945, my parents were Herbert and Josephine Mary Cumming and my sister was Joan. I believe that the people next door were the Dunnets (Salvation Army). I used to play with Eileen Toy who must have lived close by ! Up the street lived the Crisp family. Mr Crisp had a ride-on ...Read full memory

A memory of Thornley by Dennis Cumming

My Youth In Thornley

I was born at 128 Thornlaw, North Thornley. I am one of 8 children. My perants where Mr & Mrs Coles, Mary Ellen & Eric. My brother's names, Eric, Charles, Lawrance and Joseph. Sisters are Margaret, Mary, Pauline and Sheila. My mam worked in the W.M.Club waiting on. My dad worked for Eden Buses. I went to St ...Read full memory

Thornley Village

My great grandparents were born and raised in Thornley Village, Tow Law. Geo E Lowson & Margaret Hunter. Their son, Thomas Lowson was killed in WWI & his name is inscribed on the war memorial. My mom is Margaret Britton. I visited Thornley Village with My gran, Isabella Lowson Britton in 1982. I believe they lived in the ...Read full memory

A memory of Thornley by Deborah Kenney

My Birth Place 1944

I was born in the spring of 1944 in my mother's parent's home, Thomas and Eveline Bowes who then lived in Thornlaw South. I visited them often, and loved to go for walks and going to the pitures at the bottom of Thornley with my grandfather. I remember the ice cream cart. Yes it was a yellow cart pulled by a horse. The ...Read full memory

My Mothers Memories Olive Stanley

My mother has many memories of Thornley as a pupil at Thornley Colliery Primary School, and other village life, her name was OLIVE STANLEY. She lived at Colinwood Street, No1, with her mother Ethel Tonkin and step father Eligha Tonkin and step brother and sisters. She is 88 years old. Her memory of being a ...Read full memory

A memory of Thornley by Edward Stanley

Growing Up In Thornley

I was born in Durham in 1969 and grew up in Thornley until I left in 1985 and moved to South Africa. I have been back a few times over the years and have seen many changes my father still lives in Thornley and will never leave the place now. I still have great memories of the place and a lot of my school friends still live there.

A memory of Thornley by Jo Curley

Search For Memories Of My Family

Does anyone from Thornley have any memories of my family who lived in the village? Anthony Mcguinness (grandfather), Mary Alice Mcguinness nee Mcguigan (grandmother), Mary Mcguinness (mother born 1925, died 1979) and Veronica Mcguinness (aunt). I only have vague memories as a child visiting Thornley to see ...Read full memory

A memory of Thornley by tulatew

Illy Owley

My name is Andrew Tate, I was born in Thornlaw South at my grandparents house in 1944. I was a twin and my brother was called Alexander [Aleck]. I have quite a few memories of Thornley, I remember watching a cricket match in the Illey Owley. The players asked my father Billy, to be the umpire and during the game a dog ran onto ...Read full memory

A memory of Thornley by Andrew Tate

Early Years In Thornley

I lived in Thornley, in East Lea, up to the age of 9 when we moved to Newton Aycliffe. I have a vague memory of some sort of annual carnival at which a man disguised as a black warrior terrified all the youngsters. Can anyone fill me in on what was happening? If anyone remembers me please get in touch!

A memory of Thornley by John Davies

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