Memories of Thornley

Thornley In My Youth

Further to my memories I spoke of before, I can remember games we used to play like split the kipper, tally ho, blonk, and a lot more. The summer months were great, we would go over the moors and spend all day over there, if we were hungry we would take a turnip from a field and eat it. There was a place called the ...Read full memory

A memory of Thornley by Michael Mccoy

Gilling Family

Hi, can anyone remember my grandad and his family? His name was Andrew Gilling, I think was a pit caller.

A memory of Thornley by Paul Dick


Hi, My family the Burgins lived in Thornley when I was younger and a lot of them still live there now. We lived in Hartlepool Street in an old public house. We used to go down to Fleming's shop for the penny lollies. Our house backed onto the old pit and we used to walk along the lines with my grandad Charlie. My nanna and granda ...Read full memory

Early Years In Thornley

I lived in Thornley, in East Lea, up to the age of 9 when we moved to Newton Aycliffe. I have a vague memory of some sort of annual carnival at which a man disguised as a black warrior terrified all the youngsters. Can anyone fill me in on what was happening? If anyone remembers me please get in touch!

A memory of Thornley by John Davies

Memories Of Thornley

Having read Kenneth Ortons' memories, it brought back visions in my mind of the good times growing up in the loveliest little village I know. When I was born in 1947 my mam and dad lived with my grandma at 60 Thornlaw North so there is a chance that me and Ken may have grown up playing football and cricket in the street ...Read full memory

A memory of Thornley by David Thompson

Memories Of Thornley

I was born in Thornley in 1949 and attended St Godric's until I was 15. I remember Thornley as a community that went through good times and bad. When the pit closed it affected everybody, shops closed and young people moved to Peter Lee. Reading Ken Orton's memories brought a lot back to me, I knew Ken and Tom as a ...Read full memory

A memory of Thornley by Michael Mccoy

Happy Days

I too remember the days when when I and my friends would get the bus to Wheatley Hill and go to the Embassy Ball Room looking for romance. Of course we would also go to other nieghbouring villages but the Hill was always my favourite, the girls were much prettier and friendlier and besides it was the shortest walk. ...Read full memory

A memory of Thornley by Ralphh Hughes

Illy Owley

My name is Andrew Tate, I was born in Thornlaw South at my grandparents house in 1944. I was a twin and my brother was called Alexander [Aleck]. I have quite a few memories of Thornley, I remember watching a cricket match in the Illey Owley. The players asked my father Billy, to be the umpire and during the game a dog ran onto ...Read full memory

A memory of Thornley by Andrew Tate

Search For Memories Of My Family

Does anyone from Thornley have any memories of my family who lived in the village? Anthony Mcguinness (grandfather), Mary Alice Mcguinness nee Mcguigan (grandmother), Mary Mcguinness (mother born 1925, died 1979) and Veronica Mcguinness (aunt). I only have vague memories as a child visiting Thornley to see ...Read full memory

A memory of Thornley by tulatew

Pit Village In My Youth

My name is Ken Orton and I lived in Thornley from 1947 until 1974, the year I married. I was born in Shadforth but my parents moved from there to Thornley when I was about one month old. We lived at 72, Thornlaw North until 1967 and then moved to 2, St Cuthbert Road, where I lived until I met my wife and married. My ...Read full memory

A memory of Thornley by Kenneth Orton

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