Trowbridge, Ushers Brewery Site, Manvers Street 2004

Trowbridge, Ushers Brewery Site, Manvers Street 2004

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Memories of Trowbridge

Summer Days

My Sister Carolynn and I practically lived at the pool in summer even before it was heated and was often a bit chilly. Walking through the park & over the waste ground with our costume rolled in a towel under our arm. Entering the ...Read full memory

My Mothers Wartime Memories

Or it could be late 1930s. My mother Ivy Eaglestone, at the age of about 11, was evacuated from London with her brother Leslie to stay at The Black Horse with Mr and Mrs Hughes, Elizabeth and Joe. They had 4 ...Read full memory

A memory of Trowbridge by Tamara Fagg

Town Hall Beautiful Then And Still Magical Now.

The town hall was a place of music ever Friday night when we all used to go to Top Twenty Club and dance the night away. No alcohol allowed just coke and crisps, but what fun we all had. Now I ...Read full memory

Wigfield Rd

This is a picture of the Roman Catholic Church in Wingfield Rd, facing towards the town. The road on the left is Westbourne Gardens. I used to live opposite this in Westbourne Road for five years in the early 1970s.

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