Walthamstow, Wood Street 1907

Walthamstow, Wood Street 1907

Neg. 58548B

Memories of Walthamstow


I lived in st john's road and went to school at chapel end 1953 to 1960 had a friend with same name as mine her parents had a shoo shop be nice to see her again

A memory of Walthamstow

A Fondly Remembered Childhood

I was born in 1942 and and spent my childhood in Walthamstow, which up to the time I left in 1967 was predominantly a white working class area in north-east London; I went to Chapel End Infants and Junior Schools and then to William Morris Technical School. My wife Sandra was similarly born and brought up ...Read full memory

A memory of Walthamstow by Roy Beiley

Grandparents Home

From a very young age I have cherished memories of visits and sleepovers at the big old Victorian-era home belonging to my grandparents in Ringwood Road, E17. The cosiness of it is hard to replace these days. We would sleep in my grandparents' big old bed in the main large bedroom. The home never had a bathroom ...Read full memory

A memory of Walthamstow by Zoe Cowell

St Marys Conevnt

I was put in St Marys along with my two sisters, Betty & Maureen Killin. Our mum & dad separated so our mum put all my brothers away & an older sister; she was put elsewhere, none of us saw our older sister until she was 60 years old. Me & my other two sisters never really knew our brothers. I was 6 months old when I ...Read full memory

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