Walthamstow, Wood Street 1907

Walthamstow, Wood Street 1907

Neg. 58548B

Memories of Walthamstow

Fruit & Veg Stall

I can remember that stall, my old mum used to buy live eels from the stall opposite outside Manzes pie mash shop. Unfortunately I can't remember your partner's Grandad but I'm sure my mum would have known him, she seemed to know everyone.

A memory of Walthamstow by Steve Love

A Fondly Remembered Childhood

I was born in 1942 and and spent my childhood in Walthamstow, which up to the time I left in 1967 was predominantly a white working class area in north-east London; I went to Chapel End Infants and Junior ...Read full memory

A memory of Walthamstow by Roy Beiley

Grandparents Home

From a very young age I have cherished memories of visits and sleepovers at the big old Victorian-era home belonging to my grandparents in Ringwood Road, E17. The cosiness of it is hard to replace these days. We would ...Read full memory

A memory of Walthamstow by Zoe Cowell

Market Stall In The High Street

In answer to your question. "Do you know who owned the veg stall outside of Manzies pie & mash shop": I was a barrow boy that worked on the stall in the late 1960s. The stall was owned by Anita ...Read full memory

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