Watford, The Odeon Cinema 1961

Watford, The Odeon Cinema 1961

Neg. W40048X

Memories of Watford

Rickmansworth Road

When I was about 6, we moved to Ricky Rd. The Cassiobury Park gates were over the road to us, slightly to the left. Me and my two sisters were crossed across a very quiet road by our mum, with a packed lunch. We just played ...Read full memory

A memory of Watford by Lidia Skrzypek

Fig Tree

It was always my understanding that the person buried had asked for a fig to be put in one hand and a plum stone in the other and if there were a God, the fig would grow!

A memory of Watford by Su Knight

Top Rank

I can remember very vividly going to Top Rank on a Saturday morning with my friends. We all went to Francis Coombe Secondary School. We all had so much fun dancing on these Saturday mornings... loved it...The memories of this and all ...Read full memory

A memory of Watford by Linda Adkins

Watford Market

I can remember my mum taking us to Watford market, I just loved it, I was about 8 or 9, and loved looking at all the cheap jewellery, and coloured rubber balls, and toys, it had such a magical feel about it to me. Mum always had ...Read full memory

A memory of Watford

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