Watford, The Odeon Cinema 1961

Watford, The Odeon Cinema 1961

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Memories of Watford

The Odeon

I was a member of the Odeon choir and it was around this time that we were taken to I think it was the Festival Hall, to compete against choirs across England and I got a bronze medal, I think it was the Star Festival. ...Read full memory

A memory of Watford by Su Knight

Cross Street Watford

Carol Collins, nee Bass. We often had the cows come in our back garden in the 1950s, they used to walk them to market.

A memory of Watford by Jim Collins

Fig Tree

It was always my understanding that the person buried had asked for a fig to be put in one hand and a plum stone in the other and if there were a God, the fig would grow!

A memory of Watford by Su Knight

Queens Coronation Party

Lived in Watford 1948 to 1953 on Westfield Ave I remember going to a film I seem to think a Mario Lanza one with my sister & lots of other children then all crossing the road to a party at a pub opposite. I have pictures of ...Read full memory

A memory of Watford by valatbarrow
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Further south, Watling Street widens to form a market place complete with town hall and a corn exchange. The town received a market charter before 1220 and was an Anglo-Saxon fortified 'burh' since 917 AD. The town hall, built in Italianate style in 1865 with a central clocktower, is now divided into the offices belonging to the town council and other commercial concerns. To its left is the post office, located in an imposing brick fronted building of 1799. The market place still serves as a car park.

This is an excerpt from Northamptonshire Living Memories, by Martin Andrew

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