Watford, The Odeon Cinema 1961

Watford, The Odeon Cinema 1961

Neg. W40048X

Memories of Watford

The Odeon

I was a member of the Odeon choir and it was around this time that we were taken to I think it was the Festival Hall, to compete against choirs across England and I got a bronze medal, I think it was the Star Festival. ...Read full memory

A memory of Watford by Su Knight

Cross Street Watford

Carol Collins, nee Bass. We often had the cows come in our back garden in the 1950s, they used to walk them to market.

A memory of Watford by Jim Collins

Fig Tree

It was always my understanding that the person buried had asked for a fig to be put in one hand and a plum stone in the other and if there were a God, the fig would grow!

A memory of Watford by Su Knight

Top Rank Watford 1960's

Used to go to The Trade, Top Rank, Clockhouse, New Penny & Pickwick club in the 60's and early 70's before I left blighty to go to NZ and Oz. Wound up in Perth, Western Australia and am still there. Knocked about with a guy ...Read full memory

A memory of Watford by cartobi
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