West Ham, Richmond Road c.1890

West Ham, Richmond Road c.1890

Neg. L130291

Memories of West Ham

West Ham Buidings

I lived in West Ham Buildings near West Ham Station until the age of 15 in 1963. Great community and all the neighbours helped each other. I remember the Queen's Coronation and the street party. A lot of the women used to go on Beanos and throw pennies to the children as they left on the coach. I remember particularly Aggie ...Read full memory

A memory of West Ham by eileen.neilson

Lester Avenue E15

I was born at home in Lester Avenue in 1947. 9 of us lived in that 3 bedroomed house, and it never seemed overcrowded. There were 2 Grandparents, an Aunt, Uncle and Cousin, my Mum and Dad, my Sister and Me. I can remember going to Gainsborough Road School opposite the park and on Saturdays going to Rathbone Street Market. We ...Read full memory

A memory of West Ham by r.harcourt187

Bath Time

My memories of bath times goes back to when Mum would once a week fill the copper again, in the corner of the scullery. The copper was built of bricks if I remember, with a tin liner, below was an opening, where you would light a fire which would heat the water, the copper would also be used for mum's washing, which there was a ...Read full memory

A memory of West Ham by Joan Doble

Happy Days

I grew up in West Ham from my birth until 1960, living at Stephens Road, Stratford. I remember going shopping with Mum to Stratford High Road, we would go to the market for all Mum's shopping. We would buy fish from Angel Lane and sometimes from a stall outside Woolworths, the shopping was done most days as we did not have a ...Read full memory

A memory of West Ham by Joan Doble

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