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School And War

I was born in Jan 1936 in Witham, where my father's family had settled in the 1790's. When I was two my parents moved into one of the new council houses at the north end of Church Street, so I went to Chipping Hill Infants School. I can remember my young mother walking me into the place in early September 1940, at the height of the Battle of Britain. Our teachers were a fiery little welsh lady named Miss Griffith and a quietly sedate headmistress, Miss Murrells. The school was always full, because there were a lot of men and women working for the war effort at Crittall's factory, which normally produced metal windows. My father worked there as boy and man for 50 years. After leaving Chipping Hill, I attended the Board School in Maldon Road - quite a walk, especially as I sometimes had to do the return trip twice a day. One of our teachers was Miss Springett, who until recently, I learned is still alive -... Read more

Bridge Home - Medical

I was born in Chelmsford in 1956. My mother, Dr Joy Stuart Morton, was the medical practitioner at Bridge Home from 1957 (I think) until 1960. We lived in Avenue Road and sometimes the patients would come and help in the garden. She was an amazing woman and she was only in her early thirties when she had this huge responsibility. She was tiny and often talked about the large male security nurse who used to accompany her on her rounds.

Chipping Hill Infant School

My name is Janet (nee Smith) McGraw, I was born in Witham, Essex in the year 1942. I also went to Chipping Hill Infant School. I started school April 16th 1947, the day before my 5th birthday. I remember Ann Goodchild very well, I actually have a photograph of her as "The Fairy" in the Christmas play, with me standing beside her as "The Holly and the Ivy". I also went to the Church School. I left Witham in 1963, I've lived in several Countries and various States, now living in North Carolina, USA, for the past 32 years. Chipping Hill Infant School is closing its doors this summer for ever, they will be moving to another location in Witham. However they are looking for former pupils to come forward to share their memories with the children, teachers and parents. So if you have some fond memories, stories, or photgraphs you would be willing to share , they would love to hear from you. I have a copy of... Read more

Chipping Hill And Half Hides Farm

I was delighted to read your comments about Braintree Road and Chipping Hill School. My grandfather was the Farm Bailiff of Half Hides Farm - William Appleton and I spent my very early life living Half Hides Farm. I was born in 1941 and my parents moved to Braintree Road, Number 37 when I was 18 months old. I attended Chipping Hill School and later I went to to the Church School in Guithaven Road. I have lived in North London for many years and have now returned to Essex - to Bocking near Braintree. I returned to Witham to get married in the Church at Chipping Hill in 1972. I also remember Crittalls as a child as my Uncle worked there for 50 years. My name before I got married was Ann Goodchild. I know the pond could not be filled in and is still there. I believe my Grand-mother threw some old candlesticks in there just because she did not like them! I have some photos I want... Read more

Braintree Road

I was born at 38 Braintree Road in 1942 and enjoyed growing up in the area close to Chipping Hill. The old forge was in operation and us kids would spend hours watching My Dorking shoeing horses. I went to the Chipping Hill School from 1947 to 49.
I spent a lot of time at Halfhides Farm which is now long gone under the London overspill estate although the original pond still remains.
I lived a couple of houses from Crittalls factory and could see the sparks from their processes flying when they worked the night shift.
My neighbours were the Revell's and the Pounds and the Banthorpes.
I attended the Church School from age 7 through 11. It's also long gone.
If anyone remembers me I was known as Jim Green.
I now live at Portland Oregon USA.

Witham in The 1800s

My dad and ancestors were born in Witham. Does anyone have any pictures of the early days of Witham, if so they could email me? I would love to hear from anyone who is familiar with the history of Essex. You can email me direct at

Help Required

Does anyone know of Sylvia Eileen Newman, who was living in Witham around 1965? She became Sylvia Eileen Brewer. Any help would be appreciated.

Witham Times

I believe that my Grandfather, Arthur Arnold, was the editor of the Witham Times before and during the second world war and lived in Silver End with his wife Molly, sons Frank and Peter and daughter Elizabeth (Betty). I would appreciate any information that would confirm or deny this well worn family history.

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