Wokingham, The Terrace c.1955

Wokingham, The Terrace c.1955

Neg. W123033

Memories of Wokingham

A Hazy Glimpse Of Times Gone Past

Where the houses come out, by the bus was a shoe shop owned by two sisters, a really old fashioned one that looked like time stood still when you went in, coming back the other way, if you walked along, was ...Read full memory

Martins Swimming Pool.

I remember Martins swimmimg pool well, in Milton Road, Wokingham, just up from the Baptist Sunday school I went to. They had caves that the girls and boys changed in when they went with the school for swimming ...Read full memory

A memory of Wokingham

Nine Mile Ride

We were the Clarks who lived at 'Cotswold' Nine Mile Ride, out of Wokingham. I would sit on our front gate with pencil and paper taking number plates of cars going past to California. My mother rode her bicycle to work in ...Read full memory

Pt. Puaka Whitau 16/188, Died:10th October1915

My grandfather's, brother was in the New Zealand Maori Contingent (Company A), an ex-Gallipoli Veteran, he died of sickness and is buried at St Sebastions Church, Plot 1, B3430 Nine Mile ...Read full memory

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