Wokingham, The Terrace c.1955

Wokingham, The Terrace c.1955

Neg. W123033

Memories of Wokingham

Asker Binfield

Dose anyone remember the Asker family from Binfield,John and Emma ,John my granddad was a jockey and worked for the Wilmotts his nickname was Darkie,their children were,John,Violet,Bill,George,Kathleen and Ken,uncle Ken was keen on motorbikes also heard about the chicken farm nearby and a family called Gibbs.

Good Times

My grandparents lived near californiaengland, and I remember going to watch the motor racing, it consisted of mini racing cars and also midiget cars, there was a large lake restaurant. Also a picnic area.

A memory of Wokingham

A Hazy Glimpse Of Times Gone Past

Where the houses come out, by the bus was a shoe shop owned by two sisters, a really old fashioned one that looked like time stood still when you went in, coming back the other way, if you walked along, was the blacksmith, this was Dick Francis, the author's father, then across the road (the one leading to ...Read full memory

That Old Shoe Shop

The old shoe shop was called "Caiger's Boot Store" and was run by my two elderly great aunts, Ruth & Kizz (Kezia) untill 1969. Their father, Frederick Caiger who married the previous owner's daughter, owned and ran the shop before them from around 1870. I can remember in the mid 1960s visiting my Great Aunts every ...Read full memory

A memory of Wokingham by Frank Caiger

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