Wokingham, The Terrace c.1955

Memories of Wokingham

Martins Swimming Pool.

I remember Martins swimmimg pool well, in Milton Road, Wokingham, just up from the Baptist Sunday school I went to. They had caves that the girls and boys changed in when they went with the school for swimming ...Read full memory

A memory of Wokingham

Good Times

My grandparents lived near californiaengland, and I remember going to watch the motor racing, it consisted of mini racing cars and also midiget cars, there was a large lake restaurant. Also a picnic area.

A memory of Wokingham

Martins Swimming Pool

I went there as a child many times and have fond memories of the place. I lived in Reading (central) and unfortunately can hardly recall how I got there (probably bus - trolley bus?). Although it no longer exists does anyone know the address - the street/road it was on. Josie Llewelyn

That Old Shoe Shop

The old shoe shop was called "Caiger's Boot Store" and was run by my two elderly great aunts, Ruth & Kizz (Kezia) untill 1969. Their father, Frederick Caiger who married the previous owner's daughter, owned and ran the ...Read full memory

A memory of Wokingham by Frank Caiger
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