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Powis Street c1965, Woolwich

Powis Street c1965, Woolwich

Powis Street c1965, Woolwich Ref: W460019

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Memories of Powis Street c1965, Woolwich

Powis Street c1965, Balham
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This shows Powis Street in Woolwich. The large building in the middle of the photo is the RACS Co-op building, it is also the site in the distance of the first McDonalds shop in England. I was born in Balham in the late 1930s. I was working in Woolwich in 1956-1957 and have seen the decline in the area from a once thriving town.

Balham & local memories

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Home Town

Atkins Road And Agnes Riley Gardens c1960, Balham
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what a beautifull area this was back then.. its changed so much, so sad to see your birth place ruined..... Agnes Riley park so great for kids and mums n dads too , My Aunty would take me there on a Sunday morning ... it was lovely... Oh if this is progress give me the olden days every time ....

Local Church

Parish Church of The Ascension c1960, Balham
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I was christened, married and my daughter was also christened in this church. It has fond memories for me.

Drill Hall, Atkins Road.

Atkins Road And Agnes Riley Gardens c1960, Balham
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My dad was still in the Army in the late 1940s and early 1950s. He was stationed at the Drill Hall in Atkins Road. He was also a Motorcycle Display rider. Has anyone any memories of this or any photos? Dad's name was George (Nobby) Clarke, and he was a sergeant in the Royal Signals. We also had great Christmas parties there with a huge tree and a present for everyone.

The Green Dolphin Cafe

High Road c1965, Balham
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My grandfather bought Smiths Car Showroom after the war when it was the Green Dolphin Cafe. I can remember going to the cafe in the 1950s when I was small. I think it is now a windows showroom.


Hi does anyone remember the Balham Court Ballroom I use to go there a lot with my friends back in the 50s
P.s The ballroom was over top of shops

British Films

I was born in Louisville Road in 1944 . My father ,Jack, was General Manager of British Films Ltd in Balham High Road. We moved out of London shortly after I was born, but my father continued to run B Films well into the 1950's. Does anyone recall the company which produced mobile Cinema vans mainly? One of the people who worked for my father at B Films was the grandfather of Tamara Mellon (of Jimmy Choo's).

Wireless And Accumulator Shop

When I was a child I would visit my grandparents in Mitcham. My grandfather had his own wireless and accumulator shop in Balham/Tooting area. It was a tiny shop, in a very poor area, probably only big enough for two or three people which he would lock up each night. He had a bike with a side car which he would use to deliver/return accumulators to his customers.

Nanny's Bloomers

I lived in Balham for many years, and when my Nan came to visit, her first request was a trip to a little shop near the market that sold 'old fashioned' knickers, stays, liberty bodices etc, I have fond memories of that lovely little shop sadly long gone now, but cant remember the name, can anyone help to jog my memory.

Our First Home

I remember living at 34 Balham High Road as a small child, with my nan, sister and some other family members - we lived above the undertakers. I recall a cafe, and my primary school was around the corner, which was called Alderbrook. My mother and her siblings also attended the same school when they were young. One of my teachers was called Mr Fuller, he also taught my uncle many years before me. Brilliant memories of time gone by.

Mayford RoadCalbourne RoadAirdaleGosburton Etc.

I am trying to contact someone who lived in and around the Mayford Rd area during the 50's and remembers in particular the Coronation and the street parties circa 1953 and any photographs taken during this period. I remember fondly the shops up and down Mayford Road, there was Goffin the fishmonger, Coopers with their fruit and veg, Perkins on the corner of Gosberton Rd who sold fresh butter and bacon sliced to your particular thickness of which you would see him pop the off cuts into his mouth and was forever chewing and somewhere along the line lost two fingers in the process,Thomas the milk and the Spot which sold every type of sweet available. There was of course Mr and Mrs Mills who ran the"oil"shop and who dressed in their own designer clothing and not to forget Pilgrim the butcher. The area in those days was totally Independant or fearful of any supermarkets. I look forward to hearing from some people who may remember those days particularly... Read more

Park Court ~ Balham Park Road

My Aunt & Uncle (Ella & Cecil Forbes) lived in a two bedroom flat in Park Court in Balham Park Road from 1948 & throughout the 1950s and I spent much time staying with them as my parents ran pubs in The City. Uncle Cecil worked for Mullards as an engineering draughtsman and Auntie Ella was a 'housewife'. As they were 'well off' by comparison with 'us' they owned a 9" screen TV set which we would drive over specially from our rather seedy flat in Roehampton to watch on frequent Saturday evenings! This TV had cost them 60 guineas [HEAVILY staff discounted!] direct from Mullard's factory and 60 guineas [£63] was simply a fortune back then... Uncle Cecil had a really 'GOOD' job then and earned about £10 per week! We'd sit glued to TV until the intermission [the potter's wheel, remember?!?] when up would go the lights and tea would be served by the being at the cinema it was!!! I SO well remember the 'old boy'... Read more

St Mary's

Whilst living in Sarsfeld Road, I went to St Mary's Cof E School in Balham High Road from 1959-1965. Mr Scott was the Head Teacher and my favourite teachers were Mr Hall and Mr Jenkins.

Hernville Road School, Balham 1938/39

I started at Hernville Road School when I was 5 in 1937 and when war broke out in 1939 we happened to be staying with my grandfather so I didn't get evacuated with the school. BUT prior to that, I have a vivid memory of being assembled and waiting in the school hall with an eiderdown fastened up with a leather belt with my name and number (1018) and a small suitcase. I had no gas mask because they were issued whilst I was at my grandfather's. Then the headmistress came in and told us we could all go home! Was this in 1938 or was it a practise for a future evacuation? Can anyone shed light on this - I've never met anyone who has a similar memory. My name then was Sellers.

Penny Train

My Great Uncle Bill looked after me occasionally and used to take me to a shop in the high street where I watched a train go round for a penny. My Grandparents lived just opposite us in Old Devonshire Road. This is my only memory of Balham as we moved soon after.

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