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Homefield Park 1921, Worthing

Homefield Park 1921, Worthing

Homefield Park 1921, Worthing Ref: 71446

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Jumping Over!

Marine Gardens c1965, Worthing
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We used to live in Phrosso Road, off George Vth Avenue, and I used to be allowed to go to Marine Gardens on my own, or with my friend Katharine Green. We loved daring each other to jump over the long channel of the fishpond! Oh what simple pleasures! My sister used to work in the cafe, which I used to think was incredibly glamorous! Judy (Harrop) Hemery.

My First Paid Employment

Children's Boating Pool c1955, Worthing
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My first paid job was working at the Boating Pool in 1956 or 1957 for the three weeks of the spring school holiday. There were two adults, the boss whose name I've long forgotten and an older man as his deputy whose name I've never forgotten - Mr Press, who at some time had been a press photographer. I managed to fall into the lake every week I worked there, get soaked to me neck despite the water being only 3ft deep and had to ride my bike home to Goring each time. The boss had a string of young girls whom he entertained in the storeroom after the pool closed. Part of my growing up!

Hare And Hounds Pub

The Paddling Pool c1955, Worthing
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1871 onwards. While researching my family history I have stumbled across an ancestor who was the daughter of the landlord (then known as a Beer Retailer) of the Hare and Hounds which in 1871 was known as The Hare and Hounds Inn. At the time it was being run by the BODLE family, linked to my ancestors by marrying into the LELLIOTT family. I am wondering if there is anyone who has any information about the pub and it's history etc or memories of the establishment.

Paddling Pool

The Paddling Pool c1955, Worthing
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I remember being taken to the paddling pool for as long as I can remember, we have photos of us enjoying ourselves with my brother & sister. In the 90's used the pool for my own children, I was so sorry to see it go, the summer isn't the same without seeing 100's of children getting lots of pleasure out of water on a nice sunny day, I do hope Worthing with be replacing the paddling pool again.

Pier Hotel 1955

Marine Parade c1955, Worthing
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Beautiful Art Deco hotel, cruelly demolished in ?

Worthing Paddling Pool

Paddling Pool c1955, Worthing
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In the late 1950s I used to go as a young boy to Worthing Paddling Pool. Can anyone let me know exactly where it was and what happened to it?

Grandparents' Seaside Vacations

South Street c1955, Worthing
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My grandparents would take their annual holiday in Worthing with my father in the 1950s and subsequently we moved down here from up north to be by the sea.

The Home of English Bowls

Beach House Park c1965, Worthing
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Beach House Park in Worthing is the home of the EBA and I first went there in 1983 to watch a tournament featuring the legendary David Bryant. It was and still is very popular with the locals and tourists to come and watch a few ends of bowls and to enjoy the wonderful floral displays.
I now live within walking distance of the park and go there several times a week on my many walks around Worthing.


South Street 1899, Worthing
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My great-grandad, George Stent, ran the livery stables in Ann Street, shown on the right-hand side of the Town Hall, until the motor car put him out of business. His brother, John Stent, operated as a 'fly proprietor' from 4 Alfred Place, Worthing. When motor cars came along he sold his business to Wortax.

Goring by Sea

I was born in the war years in Broadwater, we moved to Goring when I was 2 years old. I grew up in open fields and smallholdings and nurseries. I remember going down to the beach and playing on what is now the Greensward, then it was streams and ponds, tall tussock grass and full of wild life. I used to wade in the ponds to feed the swans all of which where gentle, every kind of wild water life was there. And from Ferring, the goats were walked along the grass because they were the only things that could eat the grasses. I played there a lot, also up at Highdown Hill, again there was all kind of wildlife to see. Life for a child was free; I took a bottle of water and a jam sandwich and was out all day, if only all childhoods could have been the same.

Worthing Front or Silverstone

In about 1935, when I was 5 years old, my Grandfather used to take us all on gentle rides into the South Downs from his home at 11 Gaisford Road in his circa 1930 Hillman Minx. The beloved Minx was not turbo-charged and could probably manage to reach 50mph downhill following a scintillating acceleration to 40mph in about 5 minutes. My grandfather was well into his seventies and had only learned to drive following his retirement to Worthing. He had never indulged in beating the traffic lights down the Cromwell Road in London. Gently was his style and , perhaps anticipating my later BMW 3 -series boy- racing in London, I used to sit in the lovely rear leather seat secretly urging him on.

On one lovely Sunny Worthing day, Grandfather decided to live it up a little and ventured into the roaring traffic of downtown Worthing and the Minx ended up travelling the seafront. Very soon a large member of the Sussex constabulary raised a white glove and... Read more

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