Memories of Basingstoke

Fairfields Infants

I went to Fairfields Infants in the years 1951-53, and can remember hearing of the death of King George VI in February 1952. My sister (a year older) was there too. We each received the book "Elizabeth Our Queen" soon after the Coronation in 1953. I remember the teachers well - Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Norsworthy, Mrs Croft, ...Read full memory

Basingstoke Town Hall

I remember the Town Hall from the late 1950's - 1960's. My father, the late Dr Frank Foden MBE, used to be a lecturer at what was then Basinstoke Technical College. He used to write a pantomime each year for staff and students to perform at Basingstoke Town Hall. Some of early planning rehearsals used to take place ...Read full memory


I use to spend some of my summer holidays with my lovely nan. She lived in a house called Swimbrook, it was up Kempshot Lane. It was pulled down years ago. She used to take me to Woolworths to buy a scrapbook and glue - we would catch the bus. I can remember going up some steps in Woolworth and the floors were wooden. She ...Read full memory

St Michaels Church

I was born in Basingstoke and was Baptised in this lovely church 63yrs ago. As was most of my family.

Secondary Modern

I went to Fairfields in 1956 until 1961 and it was a Secondary Modern school then, and the infants were at the bottom end. I believe it was turned into a junior/infants school after that as most went to Charles Chute School which was brand new.

T.Tyrrell And Sons

To the right of the Town Hall is Wote Street and my father Ronald was one of the sons that worked in Tyrrells fishmongers all of his life, he can remember delivering fish from a horse and cart, the fish shop has now gone, that was a sad day

A memory of Basingstoke by Jon Tyrrell

I Was Married Here

I was married there in 1964, long before it was swamped by the town centre. My daughter was christened there. I then went to work at Van Moppes, can anyone remember it? I was living at Viables Farm, a working farm then, I believe it's a craft centre now. They were good days.

A memory of Basingstoke


Pretty sure that Butler's was the "approved" dealer for local school uniforms - certainly I got fitted out there for my Queen Mary's Grammar School uniform in 1959. Barry Howard

Farfields School

I suspect either caption "Basingstoke Boarding School" or "Fairfields School" is correct, depending on your time period. I attended this school in the 1960s & 70s when it was aan ordinary (non-boarding) Infants & Junior school called Fairfields, and yes I remember Mr. Thomas, the headmaster, as an authority to be feared. ...Read full memory

A memory of Basingstoke by Colin Moden

Fairfields School

Is this caption right? 42064 seems right - this is the Board School established under Act of Parliament. I believe that John Arlott went there, and Ruth Ellis. My children went there, both as Infants (nearest building) and Juniors (up to age 11) between 1973 and ...Read full memory

A memory of Basingstoke by C W

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