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Memories of Bersham

Erica's House

I remember this house very well. I played with Erica and her sister - whose name was, I think, Suzanne, in Bersham. Like Erica, I was also born in 1955. My grandparents lived in the cottages at Mill Terrace. Their name was Timberlake. My grandad was Stanley and my nan was Alice. My name is Jane and my surname was Thompson. ...Read full memory

A memory of Bersham by Jane Hann

Bersham Hall

My friend, Joyce Bennet, and I were able to go inside Bersham Hall with the caretaker at that time it was beautiful inside. The staircase was breath-taking with tiles in the large hall, it had been closed as a home for unmarried mothers (as it was called at that time), now named single parents. The rooms still had the single ...Read full memory

A memory of Bersham by June Phillips

Mill Terrace

I remember when my uncle Lloyd Pritchard lived in Mill Terrace with his son Jack. Uncle Lloyd was my mother's eldest brother and was the first child of Lloyd and Hannah Pritchard who lived at Bunkers Hill, Bersham. He rode his bike around the village until he was well into his old age. I remember when I was a little girl ...Read full memory

A memory of Bersham by Janet Ready

Joan & Fritz

I have many happy memories of visiting my cousin Joan at the Bridge House when I was young. I would go to play with Susanne & Erica when I was at my Aunty May's house (The Machine House) up the hill in Bersham. We would have some fun paddling in the river and play hide & seek in the garden. There were some little hidey holes in the ...Read full memory

A memory of Bersham by Janet Ready

My Sunday School Teacher

Mrs Ingman, my Sunday school teacher, lived in the first house at Mill Terrace. The houses were so small inside, maybe two rooms downstairs and two upstairs but they had so much character.  Mrs Ingman seemed so old when I was a child but she was probably only about middle sixties. I considered myself to be a ...Read full memory

A memory of Bersham by Erica James

5 Mill Terrace

As a young child, I lived at number 5 Mill Terrace. It was my grandparents' house. Their names were Stanley and Alice Timberlake and they were able to rent the house because my grandad had worked for a local landowner by the name of Fitzhugh. My mother, Jeanette, was born in that house. We moved to the midlands when I was 5 ...Read full memory

A memory of Bersham by Jane Hann

Magical Bersham

This waterfall held many happy memories for me as a child. I think I can remember every crack and name carved in its stone walls. I seemed to remember a rumour of someone dying in its centre parting, where the water cascaded furiously down to a deep area in the middle of the river. I never discovered the truth about this. ...Read full memory

A memory of Bersham by Erica James

Growing Up In Bersham

I was born in Mill Terrace - no 4. I remember the Timberlakes ( known to me as mrs. Timlick) next door and I think I have a photo somewhere of a couple who could be Jean and Roger. Like Erica I played in the waterfall and have lots of memories of the friends we had there. Jackie and Denis Adams lived in the bridge house ...Read full memory

A memory of Bersham by babcraig

A Dump Called Paradise

I lived in this house until I was 21. My father had already bought the property when this photo was taken and I was also born in 1955. My parents had no hot water, low ceilings, no bathroom or electricity when they moved in. He did all the renovating himself...yet we had a wonderful, rich childhood. There used to be a ...Read full memory

A memory of Bersham by Erica James

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