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St John's Church c1950, Bexley

St John's Church c1950, Bexley

St John's Church c1950, Bexley Ref: B83016

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Happy Childhood

High Street 1965, Bexley
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My family moved to Old Bexley in 1959, continuing to live there untill 1985. This could very easily be mum with us 3 girls in this photo, on the left. I'm very sure many people will know my family, as mum had very red hair so stood out in a crowd. As kids we would play around the old mill with our fishing nets. As teenagers would be seen in one of the locals, The George, Millers Arms & The Kings Head. The chippy was used very often (wonderful Pineapple fritters). Every one used to know everyone so we always felt safe.. Many happy memories.....

Bourne Road Bexley

Bourne Road c1965, Bexley
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The building with pointed roof, left of centre of the pic is Bexley Library. On the right I remember the first building as a stationery shop and further into the photo on the right would be the Post Office. On the left, just out of pic, was as newsagent called 'Rivers'. This later became Martins and currently 'Golden News.' I remember 'Rivers' as being one of the few stockists of American DC Comics in the 1970s on a spinner franchised by Thorpe and Porter, who imported comics from USA.

The Pub

High Street 2003, Bexley
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i can remember being paid 1p for every empty glass i collected from this pub just out of shot on the left back in the 1970's.
Also the toy shop and chip shop just round the bend on this picture.

Dorothy Squares

Hi, does anyone remember the Dorothy Squires/ Roger Moore relationship. I lived on Wonsant Rd, not too sure about the spelling as it has been a long time. I stayed next door to Dorothy at our friend's house and I remember them well. I have resided in Canada since 1965, so it would it would be nice if someone out there remembers that period in time, regards Clive Jeffrey.

Hillsgrove School

school site

The Old Mill

I remember The Old Mill from 1975, it seems a long time to me. My then husband and I were assistant managers for what was then Schooner Inns Steak Houses. We worked there about 8 months just after we were married, our living quarters were on the top floor, along with others such as the chef, we only had the one room, but we worked so hard, we hardly spent any time in there. The steak house then was very busy espcially Saturday nights and Sundays. I remember it was so quirky up and down different levels and the river running right through the middle. Good memories. Our name then was Werner and Judith Wisniewski. As if anyone remembers us?

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