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Memories of Bilston

The Ford Anglia

I owned the Ford Anglia 105E parked on the road outside the church in the bottom left hand corner of the photograph. I rang the bells at the church and usually parked in that place. The car, Harry Potter blue, registration ADH 532B, was sold to pay the solicitors fees on our first home in Wellington. I have many happy ...Read full memory

Bilston Born

I was born in Bilston at my granny's house although we moved to Tipton when I was 6 but I spent most of my life around the area and have fond memories of Bilston market (the old one), it was magical when I was small. I was born in Moxley, my granny's house was behind the Quasi Arc factory (not sure of the spelling), it became the ...Read full memory

The Fields Us Kids Used To Play On.

Many years ago, about 1951, us children myself and my brothers and our friends used to play on the fields where now Bilston Colledge is situated off the Wellington Roa in Bilston. We had such fun playing on those fields, running up and down the bonks, as us Bilstonians would say, and also jumping the rusty ...Read full memory

A memory of Bilston by Pauline Powell

Bilston Town 1947, My School Days

My name is Pauline Powell, my maiden name was Bromley. Where I lived on the corner of Moseley Road in Bilston there was a farm on the corner of the road called Dickie Bevan's farm, can anybody remember it? Us kids used to have fun there. I was one of four children and I have fond memories of St Leonard's, me ...Read full memory

A memory of Bilston by Pauline Powell

Is It True

A friend of mine told me a tale of a small farm, or small holding, that existed in Beckett Street in Bilston. The man who ran it delivered milk from a pony and trap and sold it from a milk urn. Does anyone remember this, or was it a tale?

A memory of Bilston

Good Old Days

I lived at my grandmother's house in Wolverhampton Street in Bilston. My gran's name was Mary Ann Tucker and she had a son called Ralph, my uncle who was only 2 or 3 years older than me (don't ask me). He had a neighbour called Jones and I believe their daughter was called Beryl, she was a few years older than me and as I am 75 ...Read full memory

A memory of Bilston by Derek Dunn

May Queen

My mom and dad were married at St Leonards, in the late thirties - myself and my brother were christened there. My brother and I, were born at 81 Moseley Road .My brother and I, had many a good time playing behind the houses opposite. In those days we had real summers. We both went to Etheridge Junior School in Fraser Street. I was ...Read full memory

A memory of Bilston by Sandra Cherry

Bilston Flower Show

Hickman Park bring back memories of the flower show which took place in August with large marquees full of floral displays. There was show jumping in the centre of the park. There were concrete steps here which I managed to fall down and knock my front teeth out. On a lighter note I had my wedding photos taken here in July 1979 as I was married at All Saints Moxley which has no outside space.

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I loved my school days at Stonefield School.when it was girls.then boys arrived and that made a lot of difference,fun none the less. I can still remember the school song that we had to learn when we first started.in fact I often sing it to myself.i know the anthem of our school better than the national anthem.i have found a place ...Read full memory

A memory of Bilston by Eddie Potts

Happy Memories.

We were married at St Leonard`s church on a cold day, Saturday February 28th. We both had flu that week but managed to get to the church on time, that was 56 years ago now living in Melbourne Australia where it is a little warmer.

A memory of Bilston

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