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Memories of Bishopstoke

I Remember Old Bishy Beach And The Chip Shop

Yes I remember getting chips from the chip shop when Mr and Mrs Pellerade had it - I knew Sandra and she had an older brother, Maurice. My friend, Sally Yarnold, lived just behind there in a cottage. We would often go paddling at Bishy beach at Riverside, but our main bathing place was at the ...Read full memory

A memory of Bishopstoke by lynne006

Stoke Park Woods

I lived in Stoke Park Road near the woods about 1965-1974. Best years of my life I believe. I used to go into the woods to play with other kids from the area. Oh for having those days of my youth all over again....

Smart's Fish Saloon.

Re Smart's Fish Saloon. My parents Peter and Wyn Pellerade owned this from 1952 to the early 60s when it was demolished to make room for flats. The site never got used but has recently been developed into a doctors surgery. This was in the ancient rights of Bishopstoke, the original post office. It was a beautiful 4 bedroom cottage with the shop space of three rooms on the side.

Stoke Park Road

I lived here when we moved from "Asfordby", which was a big house converted into flats in Church Road. I would walk up and down this road when I got old enough to go to school at the infants (my parents didn't have a car). I would come home for lunch too. We lived nearer the top of Stoke Park Road, between Drake Road and ...Read full memory

A memory of Bishopstoke by lynne006

Holly Cross Scool

I would like to get any e-mails from former class mates from the time I was a student there, I remember the bomb shelters that we used to go in and try to find our way out in the dark. We lived in Chandleford, the refugee camp. We left England in 1954 for USA. I must say that now at the age of 72 I miss Eastleigh and ...Read full memory

Sunshine Corner

I remember Sunshine Corner in Spring Lane, where I would go to on Sunday Mornings and make pom poms on milk bottle tops, and sit on brightly coloured chairs and of singing; "Sunshine Corner, oh it's very fine it's for children under ninty nine all are welcome, seats are given free sunnny sunshine corner is the place ...Read full memory

A memory of Bishopstoke by Jean Sayers

Bathing In The River

Montague terrace was home to many children. I remember the Allen's, John, June, Barry, Hazel, Ivan & Valerie. The White's, Maurice and Barbara, The William,s and Smith,s, Joan, Roy, Margaret, Jeffrey, and at least three younger ones. Plus Pauline Sollet, Valerie & Johnnie Butt. We all played in the road outside of ...Read full memory

Spring Lane Post Office

Where have the years gone? I remember walking to the chip shop in Spring Lane to get my chips and gherkins when I was pregnant (can't eat them now). Also the good old Post Office where my ex saw an advert for Labrador puppies, got one of course (so much cheaper to feed in those days). And does anyone remember the ...Read full memory

A memory of Bishopstoke by Rita Lange

The Anchor Inn

I spent a lot of my social time at the Anchor. Does anyone recal when the dart boards were made of wood and the landlord would leave them to soak in the river opposite. It somehow seemed so much deeper then. The landlord and his wife were Charlie and Dolly Raymond, such nice people. As with pub life then, there was ...Read full memory

Knight's Dairies

I Have just found out that my great grandfather owned dairies in Bishopstoke and that Benny Hill worked for him. I am 61 now, and have lost the majority of older relatives, that there is so much I would like to find out, but no-one to ask. I was actually brought up in Nightingale Avenue, but my dad was a Stoke boy.

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