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Memories of Blurton

My Family , The Critchlows

I was christened in the church . Have memories of helping my Aunt Gladys and my Aunt Dorothy deliver papers on their routes when they had to fill in for a missing paperboy. I spent many happy days visiting my family , sometimes in the shop, sometimes with my grandfather in the garden. Once I was old enough to ride the ...Read full memory

A memory of Blurton by jass60

Blurton, The Smiths Arms And School C 1955

I was born in Blurton in 1956 and attended Hem Heath Infants school which was part of Blurton High School. If I recall correctly Hem Heath Infants closed and Sutherland School took on the children from Hem Heath. It was always called Sutherland Primary School as far as I can recall. The Pub by the ...Read full memory

A memory of Blurton by Nicky Castille

Family Events

This is Saint Bartholomew's church, we have had loads of different family events in there including my children's christenings and mine. I have done family research and my family was using this in the 1800's for marriages, christenings and funerals. Its nice to see the church as been looked after and stayed strong enough to keep up.

A memory of Blurton by Wendy Bird

?Sutherland Primary School

I recogise the picture but from my memory the school was called Sutherland Primary School and the building towards the back was Sutherland Junior School. Not sure where the name Smiths Arms comes from. There was a pub to the left of the school. Perhaps this was the Smiths Arms. I attended Sutherland Primary and ...Read full memory

A memory of Blurton

Brings Back Memories Of My Childhool.

I lived in Blurton from 1964 to 1983. My memories of Critchelow's Corner, called so because of the Critchelow sisters who ran the Post Office, is of walking past this corner to get to Gom's Mill and then walk on to Longton. In my dreams when I dream I am back in Blurton, I am often walking down this ...Read full memory

A memory of Blurton

I Went To That School

I went to that school. I went to the nursery and stayed there right up until the year 2000 and then moved away to Scotland. It was a great school.

A memory of Blurton by Stacey Healy

My Memory

I remember I was about 10 and Critchilows Corner was a derelict building at this point, probably in 2000, and we used to try get in to see what it was like inside. I moved away but do visit the area from time to time and it's a housing esate now, seems a shame.

A memory of Blurton by Stacey Healy

Critchlows Corner My Home

The image that we are looking at is now my home. It is a beautiful home now. My grandad as a young lad used to deliver papers for the old shop Critchlows Corner. Reading the comments make me think that my home is part of Blurton history.

A memory of Blurton by Nathan Mills

My Time In Blurton

my family moved to blurton council estate when I was about 4 yrs old, that would be 1952, my sister was 5, our first school was st bartholmews in church lane then we went to Sutherland primary and junior schools, after that we went to blurton senior school, which became blurton comprehensive, then blurton junior high, and I ...Read full memory

A memory of Blurton by josephstebbings

Them Were The Days

I remember going to Critchelows corner shop to get my sweets before I went to school, I also remember walking across the fields with my brother to get to Blurton Road Chemist because that was the only one in Blurton at the time to get my mums prescription, we used to buy a liquorice root stick to eat on the way back we always went back via the brook so we could jump it Happy Days!!!!

A memory of Blurton by Eileen Nicklin

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