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Memories of Bordon

Fabulous School!

I was a pupil at this School in approximately 1971-1972, when we lived in Windsor Road, Lindford. My dad was in the army and based at Longmore. Lovely, happy memories of this school! Anyone remember lovely Mrs. Marrack? She was a really unique woman. Seemed old at the time! I was one of the first pupils to move into the ...Read full memory

A memory of Bordon by Jueli Barker

Army Life In Lindford

We lived in Lindford when I was about 11 years old in 1972. My father was in the army and was based in Londmore, but we lived in the corner plot, opposite the farm, in Windsor Road. I have many very happy memories of Lindford: Weyford Junior School, where I was one of the children who were the first to use the new ...Read full memory

A memory of Bordon by Jueli Barker

An Uncertain Future

The Mill is not in Bordon, but in the hamlet of Standford which had a number of mills and still has many historic houses, along the River Wey from before Domesday. This was the last water mill operating in Hampshire. I have lived very close to the mill and millpond since 1990. When I moved here Miller John Ellis and two ...Read full memory

A memory of Bordon

I Moved To Canada But Still Remember.

I was in Mill Chase school and I remember students' names like Dennis Osmond, Bill Phillips, Bill Pike, Christopher Bowers, Sam Moory and Susan Moory, Sandra Dent, Sandra Johns and Elizabeth Coyte. How I would love to hear from anyone of these or anyone from that great time at Mill Chase. E mail me please, ...Read full memory

A memory of Bordon by Stephen Guay

Living At The Mill

My father got a job in the mill in about 1950 and we moved into Mill House which is actually a part of the mill itself, on the right as you stand facing the building. I don't know what Bordon is like now, but in my day it had its share of the dregs, but so did everywhere. It was all very local and everybody seemed to know ...Read full memory

A memory of Bordon by Colin Noble

We Lived In Married Quarters 1961/4

I remember Bordon we lived in 10 Island Quarters with our twin baby boys before going to Malta.

A memory of Bordon by Sylvia Fayers

Louisburg Barracks 1981 Basic Training

I recently had a chance to return to Louisburg Barracks Bordon. i had to go as they seem to be about to redevelop the site. i was there 30+ years ago and although tough at the time! a great time was had by me and my team. the daily run around the triangle (Station Road - Camp Road - Budds Lane) calling into ...Read full memory

A memory of Bordon by r.bromley223

Bordon County Junior School Orchestra

I lived in what was then Kildare Close when my dad was stationed there from 1972 to 1975 and I was lucky enough to be one of the founder members of the school orchestra, which was funded, if I remember correctly, by collecting waste paper and milk bottle tops. I was one of the cello players and I remember ...Read full memory

A memory of Bordon by Mick Parry


This (downstream) side of the mill was a popular site for the Canadian Army stationed at Bordon Camp during the war. Almost every day they would be there with their lorries, tanks and motorbikes, ostensibly to wash the vehicles but generally to play! With a ford on this side the game would be to drive at speed into the 9 to 12 inch deep ...Read full memory

A memory of Bordon by Denis Payne

Pine Trees Caravan Site

Does anyone remember the Pine Trees campsite at Bordon? My Dad and his family grew up there but I can't find anything out about it. I would be grateful of any memories. Thanks, Rachel (nee Devanney).

A memory of Bordon by Rachel Thornhill

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