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Boston, Lincolnshire
Photos, Maps, Books and Memories

Historic maps of Boston and the local area, hand-drawn by Ordnance Survey cartographers and Samuel Lewis.

Railway Horses

The railway horses were stabled on the Dock. One of the handlers was a man called White, who was the landlord of the Royal Oak pub in High Street. They would pull the wagons along the line where they were needed. It was strenuous work for the horses, I've seen them fall on their knees, straining to get the fully loaded wagons ...Read full memory

A memory of Boston by Bob Marriott

The Old Park

I shall always remember the old park with great affection. The first time I remember walking through I would only be about five years old; there was a dead blackbird lying on the ground, I gently put my foot on it and it squeaked. I remember ducks swimming in a dyke, the water used to go under a bridge, I sat on that bridge many ...Read full memory

A memory of Boston by Bob Marriott

Air Raids

These memories are as fresh in my mind as if they happened last week. Boston had its share of air raids, the first one was on a rainy Monday, it was July, the first day of our summer school holidays. It would be about 7.15 am when we heard a low flying plane, then a mighty explosion, followed by the blast, which took out out the ...Read full memory

A memory of Boston by Bob Marriott