Boston, Lincolnshire
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Historic maps of Boston and the local area, hand-drawn by Ordnance Survey cartographers and Samuel Lewis.

Town Of My Great/Grt. Grandfather

My Great, great Grandfather--Thomas Garnham was married in this lovely church three days before the battle of Trafalgar in Oct---1805. He was described as a 'Sailmaker' at this time aged 24 years. He had connections to the 'Red-Cow' where is wife's parents lived and later was the landlord of the'Cross-Keys' ...Read full memory

A memory of Boston by Gerald Garnham

William Boyd Alias Hopolong Cassidy

Our Cowboy Hero came to Boston, and was being entertained by the Mayor at the Assembly Rooms. A large crowd of teenagers gathered outside to catch sight of him. Finally when he came out with his lovely wife, wearing a large Stetson on his head. The first thing he said, was, "I'm Hopolong!, and this is my wife Tripalong". He thanked the children for watching his films.

A memory of Boston by Bob Marriott

Hard Life In The 1930s

I used to see some poor wretched people tramping the roads when I was a kid. I remember one particular man, news went quickly round that a tramp was on his way up Skirbeck Quarter. As kids we would stand at the top of Pulvertoft Lane to gaze at them as they walked by. This man was wearing two shoe boxes tied with ...Read full memory

A memory of Boston by Bob Marriott