Memories of Boston

Town Of My Great/Grt. Grandfather

My Great, great Grandfather--Thomas Garnham was married in this lovely church three days before the battle of Trafalgar in Oct---1805. He was described as a 'Sailmaker' at this time aged 24 years. He had connections to the 'Red-Cow' where is wife's parents lived and later was the landlord of the'Cross-Keys' ...Read full memory

A memory of Boston by Gerald Garnham

William Boyd Alias Hopolong Cassidy

Our Cowboy Hero came to Boston, and was being entertained by the Mayor at the Assembly Rooms. A large crowd of teenagers gathered outside to catch sight of him. Finally when he came out with his lovely wife, wearing a large Stetson on his head. The first thing he said, was, "I'm Hopolong!, and this is my wife Tripalong". He thanked the children for watching his films.

A memory of Boston by Bob Marriott

Hard Life In The 1930s

I used to see some poor wretched people tramping the roads when I was a kid. I remember one particular man, news went quickly round that a tramp was on his way up Skirbeck Quarter. As kids we would stand at the top of Pulvertoft Lane to gaze at them as they walked by. This man was wearing two shoe boxes tied with ...Read full memory

A memory of Boston by Bob Marriott

Warren Family

My name is Josina Beck (nee Warren), I lived at 49 Tavener Road. My mother was Violet and my father was Fred (Fred the plant man), he had a stall on the market. I have five brothers and two sisters, we all went to Carlton Road School. I remember Sid Guest, the Hessle pub and Tommy Emerson's fish shop. Those were hard-up but ...Read full memory

A memory of Boston by Les Beck

Showler's Of Dolphin Lane

What a lovely site this is. I didn't live in Boston but spent many happy years in the 60' and 70's staying with my Grandma, Doris Showler, who had owned the sweetshop 'Showler's' in Dolphin Lane since the 1930's and later carried on working in it when she sold it on and it became 'Cuthbert's'. It's the shop which is ...Read full memory

A memory of Boston by Hazel Quinn

The Herbert Ingram Memorial Vandalised

Can anyone recall the Herbert Ingram memorial statue being vandalised ? possibly about 1968 or there abouts, possibly an council or or a retired worker will recall this occasion and provide more information to the writer. Please reply to

A memory of Boston by briangolland

Coronation Capers

Does anyone remember the Gymkhana? I think it was in celebration of the Coronation.. After lots of school yard practices we eventually "performed" at the Boston football field.. I was 10 at the time. It was so exciting to be part of this national celebration.

A memory of Boston by Valerie Hyams

Railway Horses

The railway horses were stabled on the Dock. One of the handlers was a man called White, who was the landlord of the Royal Oak pub in High Street. They would pull the wagons along the line where they were needed. It was strenuous work for the horses, I've seen them fall on their knees, straining to get the fully loaded wagons ...Read full memory

A memory of Boston by Bob Marriott

Great Times

The Haven was built and opened as the Odeon cinema on 17th August 1937 with `Dark Journey`. In 1976, it was taken over by the Classic cinema group, and run part-time on cinema/bingo, until it was sold to Haven Enterprise Ltd, and renamed Haven Theatre, opening on 2nd December 1981 with `Caligula` as their first film. Closed after ...Read full memory

A memory of Boston by Maurice Brader

Farm Trailers

I went to school at St Mary's down Horncastle Road and we would sit by the Maud Foster and wait for the trailers of peas to go by on their way to the canners by Bargate Bridge, then grab arms fulls of pea vines then sit and eat them at the side of the road - we always ate our veg!

A memory of Boston by Kieran Johnson

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