Old Maps of Boston

Historic Maps of Boston and the local area.

I was talking to a man who I knew very well, he lived next to Gostelows boat yard. He was in his garden, he said to me " did you know who William Joyce was" I said "yes, I used to listen to him on the wireless in the war". Pointing over to Dock Terrace, he said, "he lived a short time in one of those (...Read full memory)

My name is Josina Beck (nee Warren), I lived at 49 Tavener Road. My mother was Violet and my father was Fred (Fred the plant man), he had a stall on the market. I have five brothers and two sisters, we all went to Carlton Road School. I remember Sid Guest, the Hessle pub and Tommy Emerson's fish shop. Those were hard-up but (...Read full memory)