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Memories of Bristol

A Long Street, Full Of Ships

Having a harbour right in the city centre gave Bristol an unrivalled attraction for visitors who gazed in wonder at the sight of tall masts - 'In the middle of the street, as far as you can see, hundreds of ships, their masts as thick as they can stand by one another, which is the oddest and most surprising sight ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Paul Townsend

St John's Gate Broad Street

St John's Gate in Broad Street in Bristol is the only surviving medieval city gateway, at one one time there were seven gates into the old city. Fortified gateways pierced the town wall at intervals. St John's Gateway, originally one of these, is the only Bristol one to survive. Portcullis channels are still ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Paul Townsend

Christmas Street Lewins Mead

Christmas Street, Lewins Mead. Christmas Street was originally Knyfesmyth Street. When the knifesmiths moved away and anyway tended to be known as cutlers instead, the word gradually got corrupted and changed into something a little more familiar to people of a later time. So the stepped Queen Street by association became Christmas Steps.

A memory of Bristol by Paul Townsend

Fisher Family

My grandfather was born in Bristol in 1900, he was Henry Fisher, born 11 Walpole Street, Bristol. His father was Henry Fisher who was a master hairdresser, his mother Lavinia had a brother Reginald and two sisters Mable and Beatie. I do not know much about my grandfather's life in Bristol but I do know that he married my ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol

Templemeads Station

My father was working on Templemeads Station around the time it was bombed, I have the feeling it was a Saturday night in the summer of 1942.  I was about four years old and we were lodging in a house by the Avon with a cellar and several storeys as my mother had decided that Bristol was safer than London. ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Anne Cross

The Ghost Of Sarah Siddons

It has long been claimed that the lady in black who haunts the beautiful old Theatre Royal in King Street, home of the Bristol Old Vic, is none other than the great actress Sarah Siddons. There are similar tales of Siddons haunting other theatres but why should she haunt the Theatre Royal where she rarely appeared ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Paul Townsend

Rebuilding Bristol In The 1950s

When Bristol started rebuilding in the 1950s, it promised itself a shopping centre fitting for the Young Elizabeth age of the new Queen Elizabeth II. The old, much-loved Wine Street, Castle Street, shops had gone up in flames in the first big blitz of November 1940. The new centre, it was decided, would look ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Paul Townsend

Lost And Found In Bristol

Our family had returned to England at the very end of 1948 from a short overseas BOAC posting in Montreal. My father, a BOAC pilot, was due to begin training to fly Boeing Stratocruisers at Filton in 1949, and along with other crew families we were placed on a new housing estate in Westbrook Road. Shortly before ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by John Liles

Bristol City Docks 1989

Two of the cranes were purchased by 'City Dock Ventures' and two by the city council. All four were put into the museums care in 1989. Although the electricity supply to them was cut in 1974, one has been restored and another is in the process of being restored by a dedicated team of volunteers, led by Dave 'The ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Paul Townsend

Victorian Horse Drawn Omnibus On The Park Street

This shows an early Victorian horse-drawn omnibus on the Park Street, Clifton, City Centre Bristol Zoo route. The fleet commenced with various horse trailers, totalling 109 with 678 horses. These were eventually replaced by electric cars which totalled 237. The last new batch was built in ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Paul Townsend

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