Memories of Bristol

John Cabot The History

Cabot used only one ship with 18 crew, the Matthew, a small ship (50 tons), but fast and able. He departed on either May 2 or May 20, 1497 and sailed to Dursey Head, Ireland. His men were frightened by ice, but he forged on, landing somewhere, possibly on the coast of Newfoundland, possibly on the coast of Cape Breton ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Paul Townsend

Denmark Street

During my search of my family history, I have discovered that a brother of my gran (Annie Brown nee Shill) owned a shop on Denmark street, Bristol. He ran a hairdressing business from 1917-1930. It was near to the Hatchet Pub, on a corner of the street. When his business closed for reasons I have yet to find out, the shop was ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by helen.jane

Leaving School

So! Back to 11 Woburn Place, back to school on Hope Chapel Hill back to Hotwells golden mile with its 15 pubs. The War was still going on but there was only limited bombing and some daylight raids, the city was in a dreadful state of ruined factories and bomb damaged houses and dockyards. While we had been away, our older ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Arthur Cottrell

Bristol's Leaning Tower Of Temple

Pisa has its famous leaning tower - and so does Bristol, with its drunkenly off-vertical tower of Temple Church in Temple Street. The tower isn't on the stupendous scale of its Italian counterpart, it's true. But its prominent position by busy Victoria Street and its proximity to Temple Meads station make it ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Paul Townsend

Shops I Visited

I can remember my parents taking me to a furniture shop at the bottom of Union St, opposite the cinema which a friend of my father ran. I have tried and tried to remember the name with no luck - it was in the late fifties - can anyone remember it.

A memory of Bristol by Jayne Hobbs

Corn Exchange

Before the railways (railroads) came, there was no particular reason why people in Bristol, England should keep the same time as people in London. At that time there was no practical way of communicating information about time over a distance. When the telegraph made such communication possible, it became necessary for ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Paul Townsend

Western Square Hotwells

Western Square, Hotwells, was one of two small squares facing Cumberland Basin, Hotwells. I cannot remember the name of the other one, the pub, one of two, was called the Pilot. I knew a lad called Brian Simms in the sea scouts at that time.

A memory of Bristol by Arthur Cottrell

The Tomb Of Raja Ram Mohun Roy

Arnos Vale Cemetery is the location of the tomb of Raja Ram Mohun Roy - 'The Father of Modern India'. He died when on a visit to Bristol in 1833. This gentleman left home and 'sought knowledge by his extensive travels'. He mastered ten languages, encouraged the study of English in early 19th century India and ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Paul Townsend

Bristol's Tramway Centre

I wonder just how many romances started after meeting under Bristol's old Tramways Clock, the time-piece once at the heart of George White's electric transport system? The mock Tudor facade to which it clings officially Nos 1-3 St Augustine is a familiar landmark on the Centre even today. It was the home of ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Paul Townsend

Tennis Courts Portway Bristol

These Clifton Tennis Courts alongside Bristol's Portway road were built just after the road was opened. The new built Portway from Bristol to Avonmouth a very modern road in its day. The wide A4 Portway trunk road passes along the south-west edge of Sea Mills and links central Bristol with its outport at ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Paul Townsend

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