Broadstairs, Kent
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Historic maps of Broadstairs and the local area, hand-drawn by Ordnance Survey cartographers and Samuel Lewis.

St. Mary's Convalescent Home Circa 1947/8

Hi Lorna and Carole, I may have been at St. Mary's at the same time as you but my memories are not as good as yours. I remember my mother telling me, when I got home, how scared of the nun's I was and if I saw one in the street I would pass wind! (She thought it was very funny). She was also ...Read full memory

A memory of Broadstairs by Sylvia Bing

Memories Of Saint Marys Broadstairs

I Patricia Kenny was at Saint Marys in early 1950s with my two sisters Penny and Pamela. I was 2 years old, Pamela 5 and a half and Penny seven years old. I can remember the dormotories, the nuns and kindly nurses. Having our hair washed with this disgusting mushy carbolic soap that came from a large ...Read full memory

Childrens Convalescent Home

I was in a children's convalescent home in Broadstairs in (I think) 1961. I was sent on a train from Westminster Children's Hospital and spent some time there. I don't know the name of the place and didn't like it, I was ill whilst there. Would love to share experiences and chat with others. I was aged six at ...Read full memory

A memory of Broadstairs