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Memories of Broadstairs

Port Regus 1953 By Sandra Cook As I Was Known Then.

I was left here in 1953 at the age of 5 by my parents. It was run by nuns. My parents walked away and left me there and I didn't know why or what I had done wrong. Later my mother said it was because I was too thin. It has had an effect on me the rest of my life. i cried and cried every ...Read full memory

The Grand At Broadstairs

Laurie used to play at the Grand every Saturday night. In the afternoon he would play the piano at Booby's, an upmarket sort of Debenhams in Cliftonville. My mother and I would go and have tea in the restaurant, which served a three tier tray of cakes, my favourites were Kunzle cakes. They were a case, either ...Read full memory

A memory of Broadstairs by Su Knight

Fairfield House, Early 1960's

Further to memories of Fairfield; when I was 7 I came to Fairfield House and stayed for 3 and a half years. Like many residents I had breathing problems and was sent there for the sea air. I have lots of good memories of the school and Broadstairs itself, the only names I remember are my friend Irene Reynolds ...Read full memory

A memory of Broadstairs

Port Regis

I had a couple of holidays at Broadstairs, staying at the Convent at Port Regis. I attended St Philomena's in Carshalton Surrey and I think they owned the Convent at Port Regis. I can remember Broadstairs and going to Margate. I now live in Sydney, Australia but will be in England in September and I hope to get down to Kent ...Read full memory

Broadstairs 1955 Or ?

Oh, my goodness, the memories come flooding back when I started to read some of the stories. Yes, mine was very much the same as most of yours was. I was taken to Victoria Station and put on the train with a nun. I remember sleeping in the dorm and wetting the bed. Eating dry boiled potatoes that made me gag. Walking ...Read full memory

Holy Cross Open Air School Port Regis

I was at Port Regis for approximately 2 years during 1950-1952 from age 9-11. My memories are snapshots only as these memories have been blanked out and have only resurfaced after seeing the comments on this site. Firstly Port Regis was for girls only and was run by Catholic Nuns, St Mary's was a ...Read full memory

Vague Memories

I was sent to a convelecent home in Broadstairs but I don't know the name. I must have been 5 years old, I lived in London at the time. I remember being put on a coach and being seen off by my parents and wondering why they looked sad. I also can only remember being told I had a shadow on the lung. Regarding the home; I ...Read full memory

A memory of Broadstairs

Convalescence At St. Mary's, Broadstairs

I have vivid memories of my time at St. Mary's and they are not particularly nice. I can recall the large dormitory where we had a midday nap after first being put in our pyjamas. It must have been autumn because the leaves had fallen from the trees, which I used to kick whilst taking a walk after ...Read full memory

Two Terrible Weeks In Yarrow

In October 1958 I was sent to Yarrow for two weeks to recover from a complicated operation. I have a sense of dread about my time there; my arrival into the panelled and imposing hall as my dad disappeared down the long drive, still haunts me and none of the staff helped me to feel any better - they were ...Read full memory

A memory of Broadstairs by Jill Hooper

St. Mary's Convalescent Home Circa 1947/8

Hi Lorna and Carole, I may have been at St. Mary's at the same time as you but my memories are not as good as yours. I remember my mother telling me, when I got home, how scared of the nun's I was and if I saw one in the street I would pass wind! (She thought it was very funny). She was also ...Read full memory

A memory of Broadstairs by Sylvia Bing

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