Memories of Broadstairs

Port Regis

I am honestly not sure when I was at Port Regis. I know it was around 1966 as as I remember the Abafan Disaster being on the news and the song 'Little Donkey' lol. I was there because of a head injury I suffered in the early 1960s. My memories are stark, they incude the massive garden, woodlands, with a house that I thought ...Read full memory

Port Regis White Street Sign

While on Google Earth 2 days ago I looked at the white signpost on the driveway of Port Regis, it still looks the same as the first time I saw it in the 1960s. Today it says 'Nursing Home', but it still looks the same along with the white fence, for me like looking back in time.

A memory of Broadstairs by Fred Oddy

Port Regis For Sick Girls

I think this was the year. I was sick with chest problems, I loved it there. Getting all the new people's hair washed in little basin and watching all the fleas fall out. Having naps after lunch, sometimes in the dormitory, sometimes in the field. Listening to teddy bears picnic at Sunday tea time. Going down ...Read full memory

Port Regis Catholic School

I never thought I would be commenting on Port Regis. In fact, I have totally forgotten about this place. I could not even remember where it was located. Somehow, the name of Port Regis came into my head tonight and I started to google it and found this website. My sister and I were foreign students; we were ...Read full memory

A memory of Broadstairs by Maria Lam

Port Regis Boarding School

I was there as a child in 1963 waiting for my parents to move down from Yorkshire. I remember well a Sister Armstrong and two lads, Phil Snook and Paul Gardner (or Smith). There was also an Egyptian boy with a slight mental problem, always getting into trouble and catching quite a hand from the nuns (the former ...Read full memory

Holy Cross Open Air School Port Regis

I was at Port Regis for approximately 2 years during 1950-1952 from age 9-11. My memories are snapshots only as these memories have been blanked out and have only resurfaced after seeing the comments on this site. Firstly Port Regis was for girls only and was run by Catholic Nuns, St Mary's was a ...Read full memory

My Worst Summer Holidays Ever!

I was sent there for the school holidays to recover from Whooping Cough when I was 8 years old. It was awful. We had to sleep in a dormatory with a nun in charge who slept behind a curtain. Every time I coughed she would come and shout at me so I spent most nights with my head under the covers trying not to ...Read full memory

Broadstairs And St Mary's Home 1957

I was 6 years old and had had bronchitis and asthma and so I was sent away from smoggy London to St Mary's Home in Broadstairs. I was taken with other young children on a train by a nurse in a brown uniform. We all slept in dormitories and every Wednesday we had early morning exercises. Sometimes we ...Read full memory

Convalescence At St. Mary's, Broadstairs

I have vivid memories of my time at St. Mary's and they are not particularly nice. I can recall the large dormitory where we had a midday nap after first being put in our pyjamas. It must have been autumn because the leaves had fallen from the trees, which I used to kick whilst taking a walk after ...Read full memory


Hello everyone, I have been wondering all my life where this scary place was, I never knew the name of it, all I knew was it was in Broadstairs Kent, very near the sea. As I remember, we had to go down onto the beach in the freezing weather for a daily walk; I was there in December 1949. The Christmas Tree was in the ...Read full memory

A memory of Broadstairs

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