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Memories of Brynmawr

Semtex Ltd

I worked in the factory for six months in 1962 as part of a management training programme with Dunlop. The work was mainly the production of vinyl asbestos tiles but there was a unit for making rubber underlay. This was a hell hole where ammonia fumes were rife. For a while there was an attempt at diversification in producing ...Read full memory

A memory of Brynmawr by David Osborne

King Street And Worcester Street.

In 1900 my grandfather WILLIAM HARTSHORN from WORCESTER STREET married HENRIETTA JAMES from KING STREET. I am researching my family and would like to know if there are any relatives still living in Brynmawr or surrounding area.I would be grateful for any info. that you can provide.

A memory of Brynmawr by Judith Tranter

Happy Days

My father (Howard Case) worked on the Vinyl section and was a union rep. His boss was Tom Bailey and the clerks were Betty Powell and Sue. I worked in the Post Room for approx 18 months with Maisie Jones and then transferred to the Shipping Department. My boss was Geoff Bickell until he sadly passed away in his car, in the car ...Read full memory

A memory of Brynmawr by Alison Case

Deakin Fairground

I was born in Brynmawr and lived there until I got married. I can rember Deakin fair very well, it always was outside the Buffs club on Station Road which lead to Brynmawr railway station. The fair was very busy ever week it come to Brynmawr, Tuesday night was busy, all the young people would go to the dance in Churchhouse, then down to the fair to finish off the night.

A memory of Brynmawr by John Morgan


Brynmawr. Although I've lived away from here for nigh on 40 years, I still regard this place as home. I was, and although thankfully grown up now, always regarded as a bit of a black sheep. Lived originally on the new houses, 5 Tudor Crescent, having moved from the Semtex estate, up by the Gurnos. We moved into the old synagogue, ...Read full memory

A memory of Brynmawr by Colin Bennett


It's not an actual memory, but my grandad, Tom Gurney, used to fetch me from the nursery, put me on his shoulders and take back to the house up at Heol Isaf. I have many fond memories from home, I was a bit of a rat bag when younger, but my parents of Neil and Audrey, my uncles and Aunts did a great job. I actually miss home and it ...Read full memory

A memory of Brynmawr by Simon Johannis

'Up The Baths'

I remember being 'taught to swim' here, by the teachers at the board school. We were stood at the poolside, only up to the black line, then summarily being to "Jump!". If that failed, we were helped in by the boot of 'Danny' Davis or 'Joe' Robbins, then expected to 'swim' back to shallow water. The lifeguard was called Gerald. ...Read full memory

A memory of Brynmawr by Michael Evans

A Deakin Sons

I'd love to hear anyone's memories of the Deakin fairground family based at Alma Street at Brynmawr. I am currently researching for a forthcoming book on the history of the family. Any information/memories/stories/photos would be appreciated. Even more so, the EXACT date when Margaret Deakin (Deakin-Studt) passed away. We know ...Read full memory

A memory of Brynmawr by Bill Treen

Special Times

Once the time had come for blackberry picking and whimberry picking, my lovely Uncle Fred took us down the valley roads, to get picking, ready for those lovely pies my grandmother would make. We would climb up beside these waterfalls, drink the pure water from them, lovely. Uncle Fred would walk for what seemed to me miles, me ...Read full memory

A memory of Brynmawr by Jackie Haynes

Childhood Memories

I have very fond memories of Brynmawr. It was my fathers family home. His name was Len Purslow. The family lived in George st. As a child until the age of 14 every year we visited for two weeks in the school holidays. We stayed with my father's brother and sister who's names were William and Violet Purslow. They lived at ...Read full memory

A memory of Brynmawr by julianunn

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