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Remembering Byfleet

I was born in Byfleet in 1950. We lived in Binfield Road. Later I moved to the hotel that was built where the village green is now. My mother Beatrice Stenning was the housekeeper, cook, maid and everything in between. My dad Charles Stenning worked for Vickers like most of the men locally. We then moved to a prefab in Byfleet. Later when I was 3 we moved into new council houses in Bruce Close. Everybody was nice there and took great care of the gardens and the houses. I have two sisters, Maxine born in 1956 and Debbie born in 1960. Our childhood was wonderful, playing with other children in the woods or fishing by Sttops Bridge. We used to go swimming at Sandy Banks near Plough Bridges, and pick daffodils near where Silvermere now is. I remember having great fun at Parish Day with the Fair and cheering on our schools in the sports, and wandering down to the manor house to see if we could see the filming of 'Robin Hood' over the back fields. I could go on, there is so much to remember. I remeber Diana Ford very well as a good friend, and I had lots more of them - Susan Beere, Pamela Drury, Sally Briant, Karen Wilton, Chrisitne Woodruff and loads more. I am still living in Byfleet after all these years so I must like it!

Written by Paulene Morgan. To send Paulene Morgan a private message, click here.

A memory of Byfleet in Surrey shared on Wednesday, 10th February 2010.

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RE: Remembering Byfleet

Hi Pauline, only just got back on this site. I would love to get in touch, Mum was not well when I came back to UK, so I have had no time to catch up. Since then she has sadly died. I have moved house in New Zealand. Are you still in Lake Close? It would be lovely to catch up with you and old friends. Your old friend, Diana.

Comment from Diana Campbell on Tuesday, 13th July 2010.

RE: Remembering Byfleet

Found this site by accident, and sat and read out your post to my mother-in-law, it brought back some great memories for her. Her name is June Jelly, married to James (Jim) Jelly, they had 3 children Steven (my hubby) Diane and Ian. They lived down Eden Grove Road, many happy memories about living in Byfleet which brought out some good stories for June to reminisce over.

Comment from Christine Jelly on Monday, 9th April 2012.

RE: Remembering Byfleet

I lived in Rutson Road so our lovely long back gardens overlooked what was the market garden and over to Wisley Common. I remember you could see part of the castle, filmed, probably mid fifties for Robin Hood the t.v. Series with Richard Greene I believe in starring role. When filming had finished there my family and some visiting cousins etc went for the usual big Sunday walk (it really was common then) one day and came across this disused castle and I remember being hugely disappointed that it was not a real one!! It's great discovering this site and realising so many people have similar memories though I've yet to see someone I know yet. I suppose we were the Rutson Road gang and I can't remember who had a telly first in the road but I do remember piling into someone's house to watch the very same Robin Hood! I lived at no 26 and was friends with the Barons at no.30 and the Guest family at no 22 among others....Janice and John Dowling lived opposite and the Stephens and Coleman families a bit further down on that side. There used to be some woods at the end of Rutson Road where I first learned to climb trees, but these were built on in the sixties. Linda Morris

Comment from Linda Morris on Sunday, 3rd March 2013.


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