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I went to the Hill primary school and then to Caversham secondary modern school. I left there in 1963. I lived at Kings Road. We used to play down the rec and view island. We would play skipping and marbles in the street, there were not many cars in them days. I used to go to the Regal and Glendale pictures with my brother. He was 6 years older then me so didn't really like me tagging along. I moved away when I got married, but moved back about 18 yreas ago. I now live in Lower Henley Road. My mum worked at Caversham Laundry for a while and we used to go to the Christmas parties there. I used to be Carol Hawes in those days, if anyone out there remembers my family.

Written by Carol Hendry. To send Carol Hendry a private message, click here.

A memory of Caversham in Berkshire shared on Monday, 16th August 2010.

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