Old Maps of Caversham

Historic Maps of Caversham and the local area.

I lived in Southview Avenue, schools were Hill Primary and Caversham Secondary Modern . I left in 1959 and went to Reading Art College (Kings Road) and then Reading Process Engraving Co. I attended St John's Church, St John's Road. I remember fishing at Caversham, sailing model boats on the 'lido', circus and fairs at Kings (...Read full memory)

Lived at Piggotts Road adjacent to Caversham Mill in 1954 to 1966. As kids. View Island & the river area were wonderful; fishing below the mill, swimming View Island. In an old gypsy caravan along Mill Green lived Johny Edwards, a scrap dealer who collected mainly old metal on a handcart. He would shout at us (...Read full memory)