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The Shipp Family

Does anyone remember The Shipp Family who lived in Raynham Road and who went to Raynham Road School during the 1920's/1930's? My mum, Lily Shipp lived at No.22. She had tap and ballet lessons at the Tilly Vernon school (Bruce Forsyth - Bruce Johnson as he was then - was another member of the group.) She is still alive and has a good memory so if anyone has any questions, I'd be happy to pass them on to her.

Written by Pamela Rider. To send Pamela Rider a private message, click here.

A memory of Edmonton in Greater London shared on Wednesday, 1st September 2010.

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RE: The Shipp Family

Hi Pamela. My grandparents lived at 24 or 26 Raynham Road, Edmonton from about 1905 until 1958 next to the Rossi chip shop. They are Fred and Polly Burrill. My mum was born there and went to Raynham Road School. My Auntie Lucy Greenaway lived across the road from them. I used to go there as a child. I now live in Australia, have done for 52 years, but last year I was over there and went down Raynham Road. It is a lot different now, houses gone, but my family have the fruit and veggie stalls in Leeds Road/Street. and they haven't changed except that they are on the other side of the road. My grandparents had it outside the pub in the old days. My dad is still alive and very much with it, your mum may know him (Stan Holmewood). Hope we can keep in touch to share our memories. My Email:- Regards, Maureen Russell

Comment from Maureen Russell on Saturday, 20th November 2010.

RE: The Shipp Family

My great grandparents lived in Raynham Road and my father remembers visiting them there, I think they were there from around 1905 till 1930's but I would have to look up the exact dates. The surname is Marsh (possibly James and Emily). I have the door number but there again, would have to look up in my family tree information. If anyone knows the family I would be extremely interested and also willing to give any info I may have.

Comment from Lynn Channon on Saturday, 9th February 2013.

RE: The Shipp Family

I was reading this memory to my mum & she said she went to school with Lily Shipp. Mum's name was Ethel Fowler she lived in Trafalger Place.

Comment from Jackie Darnell on Wednesday, 18th September 2013.


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