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Memories of Gillingham

Milk Deliveries By Handcart

I spent the first ten years of my life living in Osborne Road and Stevens Dairy was at the end of the road. Mr Stevens used to deliver milk on a three wheeled handcart - customers would take out a jug and he would ladle the milk from a big churn. The orchard and dairy was used as a short cut by anyone wanting to ...Read full memory

A memory of Gillingham by hachesney

Gillingham In The Forties

I lived in Medway Road from 1934-1956. I also remember the doodle bugs (as did Gordon Savage, I remember him), the dockyard heavy guns, and school. I was due to start school on the day war started and finally went to Richmond Road Infants two years later. All the teachers were evacuated with the local area ...Read full memory

A memory of Gillingham by Joan Lemar

Sharps Green

We had some great times in the summer hollidays. A crowd of us would get on our bikes go along to the Strand and then along the sea wall to sharps Green. We passed a boat yard, but I don't remember the name. We were gone all day. We played "bike scrambling" up and down the mounds, the boys were always better at it than us ...Read full memory

Childhood Days

I vaguely remember the bad winter when snow was still laying in June, black snow where people had thrown ash onto paths and roads. There were holes cut into the banks of snow so people could cross the roads. Then in the early 50's, the weekly trip with barrow to the gasworks in Pier Road for a load of coke 'cos we couldn't ...Read full memory

A memory of Gillingham

World Stores (Grocery )

I worked at the shop which was World Stores general grocers. I left Woodlands Road School at age 15 at the Easter term and started working for Mr &Mrs Barton the very next day after leaving school. I loved working there and to this day I know many people who used the shop and they still live on Twydall. I am soon ...Read full memory

A memory of Gillingham by Jean Dennis

Gillingham Tech

I lived in Wigmore - the prefabs - and after passing the 11+ went to the Tech. I believe this was once Rochester Tech but had now started up in Gardener Street. We were the first year to attend in Gillingham and it was also the first time you could go to a Technical school at 11 (used to be 13). As the first group we had ...Read full memory

The Disasters In Gillingham We Must Never Forget

I have told you of my memories of the Gillingham bus distaster 4th Dec 1951 when me, Bob Dunford and my school friend Peter Gerard could not march with the Royal Marine Cadets because our suits never came in and all our friends died. Well just think of this. My brother, John George ...Read full memory

A memory of Gillingham by Bob Dunford

Jezerels Tower

If Ben went past the Jezerels on his way home from the Tech School he must have been on a no 8 bus and not on his usual 45. The No 8 went up Canterbury St to the Top Rd and then up the Rainham Maidstone Rd to Bredhurst past the Queens Head PH. The 45 went up Barnsole Rd to the Top Rd and then up Edwin Rd to Wigmore past ...Read full memory

A memory of Gillingham by Diane Youens

My Short Life In Gillingham Kent

I was born in a naval nursing home called "Canada House" on the 18th November 1954. I was the first child and boy - I was spoilt. I went to school at Byron Road Infants school until I was 6 then we moved to Swalecliffe in Kent. I was 5 years old and both my mother and grandmother took me to play and have a ...Read full memory

A memory of Gillingham by Frances Fagg

The Pier At Gillingham

I was born and bred in Gillingham spent most of my childhood at the pier. This all started when I was about six or seven year old. My grandfather William Smith worked as a coxswain on one of the two NAFFI boats that worked out from the Admiralty Pier. The Admiralty Pier was situated on the eastern arm of Gillingham ...Read full memory

A memory of Gillingham by g.jones

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