Hindhead, Woodcock Inn 1922

Memories of Hindhead

'Goldcrest' On The A 287

I was evacuated from Battersea, South London, in 1944 to a large house named 'Goldcrest' on the Hindhead Road not far from Beacon Hill and have some happy memories of that time although as it was wartime everything ...Read full memory

A memory of Hindhead by William Heath

Queen Alexandra

I joined the Queen Alexandra Nursing Corps in 1958 and came down from Scotland to QA depot at Hindhead. After training at the Dental College, Aldershot was posted to the Dental Centre, Connaught Hospital. My name was then ...Read full memory

A memory of Hindhead by Jean Barnard

9 Months Of My Life Spent Here

I was a boy sargeant soldier at Arborfield AAS when I came down with a serious illness and rushed into Cambridge Military Hospital, Aldershot and when I defied the odds and lived , it was discovered that I had ...Read full memory

The Undershaw Hotel

I remember having a very nice meal in the Undershaw sometime in the 1990's - it's a shame that it closed down around 2004. The house was built for Conan Doyle in 1897 and this is where he wrote "The Hound of the ...Read full memory

A memory of Hindhead by A Barbar
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