Hindhead, Woodcock Inn 1922

Hindhead, Woodcock Inn 1922

Neg. 71770

Memories of Hindhead

9 Months Of My Life Spent Here

I was a boy sargeant soldier at Arborfield AAS when I came down with a serious illness and rushed into Cambridge Military Hospital, Aldershot and when I defied the odds and lived , it was discovered that I had ...Read full memory

Connaught Military Hospital

My husband and I were both stationed at the Army Chest Hospital in Hindhead but it was not this building. It was a single storey building with long corridors and the wards leading off these. It was on the main ...Read full memory

A memory of Hindhead by Margaret Boal

Hindhead Cross Roads

I was posted to Hindhead as a young policeman in January,1961 and stayed until January 1970. We used to make a conference point at the telephone box opposite the corner shop where Sergeant France could meet or contact us. ...Read full memory

A memory of Hindhead by Peter Earl

Queen Alexandra

I joined the Queen Alexandra Nursing Corps in 1958 and came down from Scotland to QA depot at Hindhead. After training at the Dental College, Aldershot was posted to the Dental Centre, Connaught Hospital. My name was then ...Read full memory

A memory of Hindhead by Jean Barnard

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