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Hyde memories

Here are memories of Hyde and the local area. You can start now: Add your own Memory of Hyde or a Hyde photo.

School Days

Market Street 1968, Hyde
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I went to Hyde Chaple School from 1953 to 1959 then to Leigh Street School from 1959 to 1964. I really enjoyed my school days. I would like to hear from anyone who attended the same schools for the same period as myself. I was called Sally Jones before I was married.

Sweet Shops

Market Street 1968, Hyde
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The bow-windowed shop in Market Street was Singleton's.

School Denton

Market Street 1968, Hyde
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Does anyone remember Duke Street School, that's where I spent my early years? We had a formidable headmaster in those days. I lived in Denton up till we moved away when I was around 9. We lived in a newly built property and had neighbours the Tillys - they had 3 children, one sadly died young. Also can anyone remember a Eilean and Len Smith, they lived in the same street as I did. If anyone knows them I would just like to say hi.


Market Street 1968, Hyde
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My abiding memory of Hyde as a child growing up in the late 50's - 60's was going shopping with my mum on a Saturday afternoon. My mum always dressed up as though it was a special occasion. We always went into Ibbotson's where my auntie worked and where at times, when they were short staffed, my mum would wash the dishes. Their strawberry tarts are the best I have ever eaten. I remember that lovely sweet shop a few doors up and when it was cold in the winter we would go to Meschia's further up Hyde Lane for hot vimto. When I was young, a trip to Hyde was not complete without a ride on the ting-a-lings. I liked the bus with the bell best! I still go and visit the market when I return to visit family but it is not the same. The smells of the lovely market hall have gone - you used to be able... Read more

I Had A Wonderful Childhood Growing up in Hyde.

Market Street 1968, Hyde
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We used to go swimming at the local baths on a Saturday morning, then into Meschias for ice cream. In the afternoon we would walk down Market Street, or Hyde Lane as some people called it. We would go round the market, buy our stockings or tights off Sharma then go in the market hall just to smell the lovely aroma of the sweets that were being cooked on the sweet stall. Oh what memories.

Leigh Street School 1958 1962

Market Street And Town Hall c1955, Hyde
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Trying to find anybody who may remember me from school or from Waverley Road, Hyde, also Lynda Bardsley from Astoria Hyde.

Hyde - so Many Fond Memories.

Market Street 1968, Hyde
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Nightingales on the corner opposite the post office. What a wonderful smell when you walked in. The cafe (Booth's?) just up from CABLE shoes where I started work at age 14, best chips and gravy ever! Ibbotson's bakery where my boss's wife worked for many years, Mini Broadbent. I was born at 17th Syddall Street in April 1946. The corner shop "Andrew's" provided everything from Fenning's little healers to drinks like Vimto and Dandelion & Burdock. My grandad (Jimmy Snee) used to drink with LS Lowry in the Cheshire Cheese on Hyde Lane. I watched him paint on the Town Hall steps. Had I only known :-)) Wonderful little town with wonderful people.

Sweetshops in Hyde

Market Street 1968, Hyde
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Does anyone remember the great sweet shops we had in Hyde? Notably Nightingales who had a stall in the old original market hall, where they used to make gorgeous toffee while everyone watched. I can still see them throwing hot toffee over a big hook until it turned a creamy colour, it was then rolled inside brown toffee to make Godley Rock. Also they made cough drops, clove rock, cough candy and treacle toffee. The smell was mouthwatering. There was also another bow windowed shop on Market Street which sold rock called Tommy Todd, great for taking to the Ritz Saturday matinee pictures. The shop is still there, but is now a cafe.

Days Out on Hyde Market

Market Street 1968, Hyde
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Being born and brought up in Flowery Field, Hyde was the centre of the universe for us as children. After shopping on Hyde market we would turn the corner and enter into the world of this picture. On the right of the picture, in the distance there was the bank then Fred Dawes, TV and Radio dealer where we would go to pay rental on our black and white TV. This was later taken over by Granada. You can see their shop clearly on the LHS of the picture. Next, coming towards the camera, Ibbotson's bakery. The best tipsy cake in the world and when mum and I went in on our own during the week we would enjoy a delicious toasted teacake and cup of tea as they had half a dozen tables by the wall opposite the counter. Two doors up the tobacco shop and how fascinating were all the ephemera of smoking displayed in the window? Next door again, and two... Read more

Hyde in The Late 60's

I attended Greenfield Street Boys School from 1965-6, until I moved to another school. Shops around that time included, Woolworths. Hyde Sports Centre on the corner of Newton Street and Manchester road. Garbutts shoes, Newton Street. The Jester coffee bar Meschias coffee bar. UCP tripe shop/snack bar. Halls motorcycles, Market Street. Firestone tyre and auto. Max's restaurant on Manchester Road. Cafe Mogambo, Newton Street. The big Co op at the traffic lights. David John Boutique Market Street Betts/Hetts(?) fishing tackle Harrison's newsagents. Maison Dora ladies hairdressers

Old Hyde

I was born September 1930 and remember parts of Hyde that are long gone. I lived my early years in John St and remember Charles St and when it was finally demolished. The old shop opposite the Scala Cinema called Sammy Wilkinson, the old WW1 tank that stood in Hyde Park, the night when bombs were dropped in Hyde, one of them landing on the main road just higher up than the Zion church. Hyde market at night when the only lighting was tilly lamps run on Parafin. Harry Gilbert's stall who sold many things. Jock's stall who specialised in haberdashery. I left Greenfield School in 1944 and started work at Joseph Adamson's where I stayed till 1964 when I emigrated to N.S.W.Australia where I still live.

Living in The CPA Mill on Commercial Road, Godley.

I lived in the CPA or Calico Printers Association mill for about 12 years, where my dad was a foreman who worked in the batiks for many years. We had a huge flat which was knocked down many years ago. We lived next door to a family by the name of Kenyon who I believe had two sons. I went to St John’s Godley School up on Fountain Road; the teachers were Mr Pitty (headmaster) Mrs Simpson and Kenneth Healy. I have lived in London now for 40 years but still remember the good times we had as kids there, especially the Ritz on Saturday mornings and playing on George St for hours on end and then going to Nagles shop for refreshment. The winter of 1963 was spent mostly on the Box canyon disappearing into the snow drifts, best time ever. Swinging across Godley Brook on that rope with a branch stuck through for years, it’s a wonder no one was killed. Spending many happy hours in Hyde Park... Read more

St George's Youth Club

My dad ran the St George's youth club for a few years. He also had the butcher's shop on Old Road in Flowery Field and my grandpa owned the butchers on Croft Street. The youth club was up some rickety stairs in the loft space in the old school. I remember the old sofas and carpet with holes in but many happy times especially when 'love grows where my Rosemary goes' came on the record player! I remember buying my Harrytown uniform at a shop near the Cheshire Cheese and looking at it hung up in the wardrobe all summer before I started in Sept 69. I also remember the Town Hall disco where I used to sneak instead of going to guides with Miss Tweedy. Part of 'Yanks' was filmed there. We used to hang around up at 'the swingy' in Gee Cross and I used to have to be home for 8.30pm and walked back on my own through Gower Hey Woods. Great days and I still love... Read more

1950s And 60s

I was born in 1950 and lived first in Parsonage St and then, from 1956, in Woodend Lane. I attended St George's Primary and Junior School and was an active member of St George's Church. My earliest memories include two shops. My maternal grandparents owned the shop (general grocers) on Sydall St and my neighbours, the Leighs, ran the Cycle and Tobacconists on Market St (it became the Ron Hill Sports Shop). I remember sledging in the snow on Fawley's Field and canoeing on the canal with ? Norgrove. My friends at St George's included Paul Richardson (now sadly passed away), Wendy Thompson (my first love) and Linda Baguley(?), in Mrs Drewett's class in 1960. My parents decided Hyde Grammar School, which they both attended, had gone downhill and sent me to King's School in Macclesfield, which became my school until 1968. One of my strongest memories of my adolescence was the Brady/Hindley case, The Moors Murderers. I remember old ladies queueing for the first indictment at the Town Hall. They reminded me... Read more

What A Wonderful Time

I was born in 1945 at Hudson Road, Gee Cross and attended Holy Trinity School and later Greenfield Street, leaving at age 16 to work at Adamsons in Hyde. During the next couple of years I applied to emigrate to Australia. While I still have a soft spot for Gee Cross and Hyde, going to Australia was the best move ever. Anyone who remebers me are welcome to contact me in Perth, Western Australia.

My First Day at School

I remember arriving at St Mary's School, Newton, for my very first day in September 1940 when the sirens sounded which meant putting my gas mask on and making a quick dash to the shelter behind the school. My grandma was with me at the time and stayed until the all clear sounded. Later we were all shown to our classrooms to begin our schooldays by our form teacher Miss Clegg who along with Miss Ives and Miss Broadbent made my inital school years happy ones at a very difficult time.

The Jester

I remember the Jester Cafe. I used to deliver milk to this cafe. But I liked the ice cream parlour - Meciasers? It was better. We were Rockers, not Mods.

Flowery Field Hotel

My great-grandfather - John William Lord - was licensee at the Flowery Field from about 1917 until well into the 1920s. My grandmother had her wedding reception at the pub in October 1919. Grandma (Emily Lord) was a bit of a local celebrity in that she was one of the first 14 women to serve in France during the First World War - leaving for France in March 1917. Emily was decorated for valour during the bombing of the hospitala at Etaples and when she married the local Mayor sent a wedding present. I understand the pub is still there.

Cheetham Family

Would anyone remember the Cheetham family who lived at/near Marple Bridge, Cheshire, apparently the boys' (no. of boys unknown) of the family who went to the First World War and who unfortunately perished. There was one brother who remained, Bertram Cheetham who married Mabel Faulkner. I would like to know of any history/stories relating to my ancestors. Many thanks. Kathryn

Where Are They Now? What do You Remember?

Mr Kimblin was the headmaster at Bredbury County Primary. I also remember Miss Littlebotem, Mrs Guyton, Mrs Lambert, Mrs Lydiard, Mr Hume and Mr and Mrs Garlic; have any info on those teachers please. There is a Mrs Garlic that teaches at Bredbury Green Primary but I don't think it could be the same one.

Can anyone tell me when they knocked down Bredbury County Primary School and if you know of anyone that can give me any more information on the school in the 50s and early 60s.

The Jester

I remember the Jester coffee bar! Hyde scooters, mods and a scruffy old juke box, hours of good times all for the price of a coke which would last all night!

Mescia's Milk Bar, Market Street

I was quite an accomplished swimmer in my youth, and after a session in the swimming baths, we would call in at Mescia's for a coffee or a milk shake. There was another Coffee Bar opposite (I can't remember its name now) but Mescia's was always the first choice for me and my pals.

Hyde Chapel, Gee Cross

I lived on Apethorne Lane, Gee Cross from 1941 (when I was born), till 1962 when I left the area. Saturday nights were the highlight of the week, with a dance held at Hyde Chapel, which was always well attended, with the lads and girls having the back of their hand stamped, if they wanted a pass-out. The idea was to go for a bottle of light ale, 1 shilling (5p) in those days, although we were under age. On the way home we would call at the 'chippie' which was round the corner and, if your luck was in, you might get a quick cuddle if the girl you were with fancied you. Ahh! Halceon Days Indeed!

Travis Street, Hyde

I was born in 1963 in Travis Street, Hyde, my parents Joan and Stan Smith owned a small shop at the time. I think it may have been a general grocers. They moved to Newton shortly after I was born. They then bought a bakers/confectioners in Clarendon Place. I have 2 sisters who would have been 6 and 16 years old at the time we lived in Travis Street, they are called Julie and Sandra.
Both my parents have passed away now. I would love to see some photos of the shop either when they owned it or after.

Leigh Street School

I lived on Travis Street at a small shop for a short time in 1967 and went to Leigh Street School.

Edith Redfern

Someone posted about an Edith Redfern.  I have relatives in Hyde that were Redferns and wondered if anyone else out there is related.  My grandmother was Doris with a sister Rene, brother Eddie.

Memories of Cheshire

The Way Home

Stockport Road c1955, Denton
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The building on the right of the picture is Hope Congregational Church (at one time known as Hope Chapel). Next to it, behind the trees, is the old Sunday School which was part of the church. In the middle distance is the old Denton Police Station, now converted into flats. On the opposite side of the road is Bevan's Hat Works. Hat manufacturing was the main industry in Denton for many years and which has a very interesting history in the town. Another main employer was Oldham and Son Ltd. battery, mines lighting and safety equipment, and hatting machinery manufacturers. It was a huge works to the north of Hyde Road. Because of the high fire risks it had its own Fire Brigade of which my grand-father, Sam Royds, was the Chief Officer and later my father. Alf Wagstaff, was the Chief Training Officer. In World War II he and the rest of the brigade were involved in fighting a huge fire at the works in... Read more

My Childhood, my Youth in Denton

Stockport Road c1955, Denton
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Stockport Road I remember well, like the bus from Denton to Stockport took this route and always had trouble climbing the hill into Bredbury. It was our Sunday walk route to Haughton Green to walk at the riverside,and have a drink of pop at a house-come-shop, I think it was called something parrot, not quite sure. It was the road I took to my first job at Sturtevant Engineering. I used to stand and get a lift to Bredbury each morning to work at Sovereign Bakery. I remember Jocks stall on Denton market, I think he sold everything going he was a comical man. Denton was a good town to live in, I often go to see it, it's not the same but I love it.

The Avenue of Trees

The Avenue c1955, Denton
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I remember The Avenue from when I was young in Circular Road (born there in 1948,) the trees always looked huge when walking down to the farm, I now know was Hyde Hall. My older brother helped on the milk round from there - the horse knew where to stop! We used to go sledging in the fields to the left just before here. The country track I knew down to the river is now just a footpath between houses. My family left Denton for Bury in early 1956 and I still miss it although when I took my daughter there a few years ago it had changed so much. I remember acting in pantomimes at Hope Congregational as my parents had done back in the thirties and even the church building has gone.

Childhood Memories of Mottram

Market Street c1955, Mottram
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My Grandma, Grandad and Auntie Annie lived on Market Street all their lives. They moved into the houses when they were brand new - they had a building at the bottom of the little garden which incorporated a flushing toilet and a coal bunker. However, they didn't have a bathroom and I remember sitting in the tin bath in front of the fire hiding behind the washing-maiden. We used to make toast on the fire - it tasted so good, and Gran used to put her teacakes next to it to rise. Across the road was the butcher's and the fish n chip shop whilst further up was Mrs. Sheldon's where I was sent to buy sterilised milk. There was also the Post Office by the traffic lights and The Junction pub. At the top end of Market Street was the White Hart pub - as seen on the right of the photo, another butchers, a grocers, a greengrocers and round the corner Mrs Peel's sweet shop! At the Crown Pole... Read more

My Home Village

The Village c1960, Mottram
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I cannot remember the exact year but I remember the shop (centre) and the houses to it's right. The shop was called 'Jolly's' and sold sweets and other things. The road was widened in the 1960's so the shop and houses were demolished. There now stands a garden with a lifesize statue of L.S. Lowry, the artist who lived just up Stalybridge Road.

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