Old Maps of Hyde

Historic Maps of Hyde and the local area.

I remember going to the Astoria when I was 16(1967) I used to say I was 18, I suppose it was a dance hall, I remember there was a balcony where you could go and I remember that there used to be a man downstairs at the entrance, I think he was called Ron. I remember the pubs that I was able to get in at 16, The Woodman at the bus (...Read full memory)

I was born in milk street Hyde in the 40's went to Greenfield Street Juniors then onto Leigh street Secondary, I so remember Hetts sweet shop the ABC minors at the Stannies, the market, woolworths, the house that jack built, the May queen and whit walks when we all got dressed up, even with little money, we looked our (...Read full memory)