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If you change your mind, or have ordered the wrong thing, please let us know as quickly as possible - Contact us here. It would be helpful if you could quote your order number when cancelling. If the product arrives and you are not completely satisfied with it, please see our returns policy.

Frith photographs are world renowned for their image quality. The originals were taken by professional Frith photographers to Francis Frith’s own high standards resulting in images of outstanding clarity and detail. The original negative or an original photograph is scanned before being digitally enhanced to remove any creases or scratches and is prepared for printing. By using the latest reproduction techniques we are able to retain the clarity of the originals revealing the maximum historical detail. Each image is printed to order using cutting-edge, high-quality printers which yield stunning results every time. If for any reason you are unhappy with the quality of your print you can of course return it to us for a full refund.

The Francis Frith Collection contains over 500,000 photographs and maps which are available in over 4,000 product variants, so every Frith product you order will be made especially for you. We do take great care in making and packing every order, however, if there is anything about your delivery that you are not happy with please tell us (by email or telephone) and we will try to resolve whatever queries you may have. In the unlikely event that we have made a mistake with your order we will be happy to replace any affected items under our "No Quibbles" Guarantee or fully refund your order if you so wish. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Working with embedded images

What does it mean to ‘embed’ a Frith photo?

To embed a Frith photo, you paste a snippet of HTML code for that photo into the source code of a website, social media site or blog, so that the photo appears on that site. The caption and credit for the photo appears below every photo you embed on a site or blog. This makes it easy to search for related photos on our site. To license a photo for commercial or unrestricted use, please contact us.

Is there a fee for embedding a Frith photo on a website, social media site or blog?

No. Using our embed code, you can embed any Frith photo that has the embed icon (<>) on a website, social media site or blog for free and without having to buy a license, as long as the photo is not used for commercial purposes (meaning in an advertisement or in any way intended to sell a product, raise money, or promote or endorse something).

How do I embed Frith photos on a website, social media site or blog?

An Embed icon (<>) appears alongside photos that are available to embed on a site. Note that not all images in our archive are available to embed.
  • Click the Embed icon (<>) alongside an photo.
  • In the Embed this photo window, copy the selected HTML code.
  • Paste the HTML code you copied into the source code of the website or blog where you want this photo to appear.

Are there any restrictions for using a Frith photo I’ve embedded on a website, social media site or blog?

Yes. You may not use Frith embedded photos for the following purposes or in the following manner:
  • Commercial use intended to sell a product, raise money, or promote or endorse something.
  • Any use that is defamatory, pornographic or otherwise illegal.
  • Any use that violates a stated restriction within our Terms and Conditions of Use on our website.
  • Any use outside of the context of the embed functionality.

Can I embed a Frith photo on any type of website including social media sites like Facebook or Twitter?

Yes, you can embed available Frith photos in your personal posts on social media sites as long as the photo is not used for commercial purposes intended to sell a product, raise money, or promote or endorse something.

Can I change the size of an embedded image?

No. Frith photos that you embed on a site cannot be resized. If you want a different file size, you will need to contact us to license the image for the size you want.

An image that I embedded on a website or blog is no longer available for use. Why?

An image may no longer be available for a number of reasons. If an image is no longer available for use, the following message appears on your site in place of the image: "Image not found This image is no longer available for use. Find more images on <%=current_archive.url%>."

What is copyright and how does it relate to embedded images?

Copyright is a form of legal protection for creative and archival works. It allows us to control and license our archive, and thereby to continue investing in the curation, preservation and accessibility of our archives. Our photographs and digital restorations are protected by copyright, and their use requires our permission. As long as you comply with our Terms and Conditions of Use, you have permission to embed and legally use available photos on a website, social media site or blog. If you have any questions at all, just get in touch, we'll be happy to talk it through.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions after reading the information here, please don't hesitate get in touch and ask us the question directly.

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