Cambridge, Petty Cury 1909

Cambridge, Petty Cury 1909

Neg. 61469T

Memories of Cambridge

My Sister.

The lady on the left by the railings of King's College is my older sister then aged 22. We lived in Cambridge until 1922 and I was a pupil at Cambridge High School during the First World War. I am now 93.

A memory of Cambridge by Claire Allen

Working As A Medical Secretary

I worked here at Addenbrooke's Hospital (old site) from 1966 - 1969, before moving on to the new site. Best years of my life living and working in Cambridge during this period. Anyone else here at that time?

Trevor Hughes

I remember Trevor, he often sat by the fountain in the market sqaure. A real character.

A memory of Cambridge by Angie Walters


My name is Peter Brightman. I lived in Cambridge from 1974 till 1978. I worked at P.O. Reeds in Trumpington Street then Croppers hairdressing. If anybody remembers me I am on Facebook. My email is:

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