Cromer, Hall 1925

Cromer, Hall 1925

Neg. 77521

Memories of Cromer

Summer Holiday 1958

This is a front view of the Elmhurst Hotel, which stood - or stands? - in Cabbell Road, where my family and I stayed for two weeks in August 1958. I wonder if the building is still ...Read full memory

A memory of Cromer by Diana Dioszeghy

My Father Gardener

My father, Leonard Griffin, worked for the council as a gardener and helped build these gardens. He then helped maintain them until he retired. My memory is being allowed to run ...Read full memory

A memory of Cromer by Jacky Regis

Crab Cottage

In l984 my sister, Christine Ramsey/Taylor wrote to me at my home in Texas asking if I would like to share a holiday cottage with her and her three children. She had booked in at Cromer ...Read full memory

A memory of Cromer by Janet Ramsey

The Pedlar's Pack, Jetty Street, Cromer

The mother of my work friend, John Wallace, owned the flat over what used to be the Pedlar's Pack. We often rode to Cromer from Leicester on our motorcycles and spent ...Read full memory

A memory of Cromer by Rob Davis

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About this photo

This building replaced a fine Gothic-style mansion which was burnt down before its completion in 1829. The estate has 700 acres of land, most of which belonged to the Countess Listowel, daughter of Admiral Windham. It was a custom for the lady of the manor to allow visitors to look around the grounds (but not the house) for a small fee. Tickets were sold in the town by various businesses of high standing. The encroaching ivy covers some excellent flint work. Classical statues are placed at each end of the building, and stone knights in armour stand in protective pose near the main entrance.

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