Memories of Dagenham

Valence Park

Valence Park swimming pool I remember always being cold. It cost a couple pennies in old money, cup of oxo and a thick biscuit, and the old changing sheds by the pool, 2 foot gap top and ...Read full memory

A memory of Dagenham by Brian Cole

Prefabs In Ripple Road Dagenham 1947 To 1959

I was born in Upney hospital in July 1947 and lived in a prefab at 703 Ripple Road. Opposite was a bone/scrap yard and along the road the Ship & Shovel ...Read full memory

A memory of Dagenham by Maureen Morris

Those Were The Days

I have so many memories of Dagenham that I could write a book. I have already written one on this site entitled 'Shopping at the Heathway'. My earliest memory of Dagenham however ...Read full memory

A memory of Dagenham by William Pullum

Working At Woolworth

This postcard brings back the memories of my first Saturday job in Woolworths on the right hand side of this picture. I almost recall being paid 13 shillings for the day and all ...Read full memory

A memory of Dagenham

Wix Road, Dagenham, Essex

Lived in 2 Wix Road, Becontree, Dagenham until I was 23 from 1951 to 1974. My mum still lives there. Did anyone else out there live nearby? I have fond memories. People were ...Read full memory

A memory of Dagenham by Martin Hayward

Church Street In The Late 1940s

There was a rag and bone man on Church Street whom we knew as Charlie. Every week local housewives would gather in his yard to buy secondhand clothing and toys which he ...Read full memory

A memory of Dagenham

Brian Walter And Brenda May Matthams, Children Of Ken Matthams

Hi all. My name is Howard Matthams, son of Brian Matthams who lived at 165 Hardie Road Dagenham. He lived there with his sister Brenda May ...Read full memory

It Must Have Seemed Like Bluewater Then!

It was either a long walk or a ride on the 174 bus from Oxlow Lane shops to the Heathway. It surprises even now just what variety there was there, no need to ...Read full memory

A memory of Dagenham by Alan Bywaters

Martins Corner/ Valence Ave

In 1963 I used to have a Lambretta scooter LD 150 and at that time it was becoming very popular to get around. It was the beginning of the Mods & Rockers time, I was 19 and ...Read full memory

A memory of Dagenham by Sydney Fox

Valence Park Swimming Pool

I learnt to swim in the pool with my school (Robert Clack) in September 1970. Our sports teacher, Mr George, used to tie ropes and pull you along....."Sink or swim", he ...Read full memory

A memory of Dagenham by Rob Marshall

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