Old Maps of Dagenham

Historic Maps of Dagenham and the local area.

I was there from 1948-1955. Remember many staff: "Slugger" Watson -brilliant languages teacher, Mr. Day, Mr. Dakin, Mr Shepherd, Mr. Grainger -never got on with him, Mr. Davis, Mr. Pugh, Peter Cork -who I remained in contact with until his death in 2012. I played at his memorial concert in Folkestone. I did A level (...Read full memory)

This is an extract from a story I wrote after taking some Dutch students to France in 1992 it includes youthful memories especially of Eastbrook School and it's staff. July 1962 (or there about). Vaguely do I remember my schooldays many years ago in Dagenham on the outskirts of London. Dagenham was not, and quite (...Read full memory)