Memories of East Ham


The best toast in the world was served by the two old ladies in the Town Hall swimming baths; then you'd come out and go in the library next door. Saturday mornings off to the shack at Brampton ...Read full memory

A memory of East Ham by Brett Jolly

Growing Up In East Ham

My family moved to East Ham from Mile End. We lived on White Horse Road, and I attend Brampton Manor. My brother and sister attended other schools. We used to to the reck ...Read full memory

A memory of East Ham

East Ham Memories

I was born in Plashet Grove in 1951 but shortly moved to 146 Milton Avenue until moving away from the area in 1967. So many memories. Happy days playing in Plashet Park, 30 a side ...Read full memory

A memory of East Ham by Peter Hopkins

Mitchells Shop Lonsdale Avenue East Ham

My memories of my aunt and uncle's shop in Lonsdale Avenue spans from my earliest memory until 1978 when it was destroyed by fire. My aunt and uncle were ...Read full memory

A memory of East Ham by Joanne Andrews

1970's And 1980's East Ham Memories

I left East Ham behind around 1983 for Essex, my mother and father told me we were moving because East Ham was changing, becoming dirty and run down, I was ...Read full memory

A memory of East Ham

East Ham Town Hall

Happy hours with my friend Ella Hyde whose father was caretaker in the Town Hall. Hiding in the gallery to watch the ballroom dances. We both swam for East Ham swimming club for ...Read full memory

A memory of East Ham by Anita Loe

The Dumps

My mum and dad owned the Lonsdale off-licence during the 1960s and 1970s. I went to Brampton Manor, a few teachers stick in my memory but Dr Groom has to be the world's best physics teacher. ...Read full memory

A memory of East Ham by Brett Jolly

East Ham In The 1960s

In February 1963, when I was six and a half, my parents bought their first house, in Thorpe Road, East Ham. It was and had been a very cold winter, and when we moved in we had ...Read full memory

A memory of East Ham by Jackie Craig

Bonny Downs And Vicarage Lane Playing Fields

I was born on Vicarage lane in 1947, moved to a flat on Charlemonte Road then onto St Albans Ave. I remember Bonny Downs and all the friends we had as ...Read full memory

A memory of East Ham by fscfiresafety

T A Centre Vicarage Lane

My dad was in the army and we left Nairobi in Kenya and went to live at the TA Centre on Vicarage Lane in East Ham. I went to Burges Manor School for girls and next door was ...Read full memory

A memory of East Ham by Grace Brown

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